In which I revert to my usual dunderheaded self.

That sure was a long diatribe yesterday, wasn’t it? I was so mad, I was ready to take on the world. Today, I am just a big klutz!

I am “mom alone” this weekend and I kind of had a hankering to go to the farmer’s market and then Jane (my cousin) emailed suggesting tea and so we made a plan to meet for tea at 8 AM today at the Kerrytown Sweetwater’s. Except that Guess Who got onto autopilot and arrived at the ASHLEY STREET Sweetwater’s promptly at 8, which is where we usually meet for tea and the only Sweetwater’s that I could think of.

It was still pretty close to eight and Jane wasn’t there yet but she isn’t usually late, so I started wondering. Am I in the right place? I must be, this is where we always have tea. Of all things, I DID NOT HAVE MY COMPUTER WITH ME! Did you read that? I take my computer EVERYWHERE, whether I think I’m going to need it or not. It’s amazing how many times I use it to look stuff up. Like somebody’s TELEPHONE NUMBER. Like Jane’s, which wasn’t in my iPhone because I was too lazy to port the numbers over from my old phone. Or how about EMAIL MESSAGES with important information in them? Like the exact Sweetwater’s where we were supposed to meet. And there are a few people left on the planet who don’t have cell phones yet and Jane is one of them.

So, there I sat, effectively dead in the water. I looked up her phone number online and called it in vain, knowing that she wasn’t home because she was probably sitting with tea somewhere over in the Kerrytown vicinity. I thought about driving over to Kerrytown. I still didn’t remember that here was a Sweetwater’s over there and I couldn’t think what cafes *were* there. Sweet Lorraine’s? Hmmm. I think it *used* to be there. I looked it up on my iPhone. Livonia and a couple other places but not Ann Arbor.

Defeated, I dashed home, fired up my Macbook and read her message again. Sweetwater’s in KERRYTOWN! Oh yeah, there IS a Sweetwater’s in Kerrytown. It was about 8:20 by then. I made a MAD DASH down to Kerrytown. By that time, Jane had figured out that I was probably at the ASHLEY Sweetwater’s, had them put her tea in a to-go cup and walked over to Ashley. Where I wasn’t! Because I was wandering Kerrytown!

I am home now, and we’ve connected by phone. I’m settled into a day of homework and 15 minute slices of housework. Maybe a few errands. After the football game starts, thank you very much. Jane? She ducked into the garden store on Ashley and has a bulb-planting project ahead of her. After starting out the day like that, there’s no way to go but up! Right?

Jane, I definitely owe you one!!!

2 Responses to “In which I revert to my usual dunderheaded self.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Not yet ported your collected numbers to iPhone? For shame! (But we still love you, KW!)

  2. kayak woman Says:

    MMCB (My Monday Coffee Buddy) was totally amazed that I didn’t port my numbers. The truth is that I didn’t really have that many numbers in my phone and I know most of the ones I do have by heart (except for MMCB’s ’cause we usually email, I’ll *have* to rectify that).

    I knew Jane’s by heart too, at least I was pretty sure I did, but in my book, 8 AM on a Saturday is too early to call someone if you aren’t 100% sure you have the right number and there was just a shadow of doubt.