Rabbits and Chumbys and iPhones. And plenty of blather.

You think you are on the cutting edge of technology despite yourself (and the computer graveyard in the basement) and then you go to class and you actually learn how to use your iPhone, at least some of the finer points involving the browser, which is manipulated via “gesture” events, rather than the old standby “mouse” events, click and hover, etc.

Kee-reist, I just deleted a long thing about how the whole dern thing worked. My eyes were glazing over writing it and you would’ve clicked away immediately. Geek that I am, I do know when it’s all just too much. And this post is prob’ly too much but it’s late and it’s been a long day and I’m just gonna download some of the stoopid grok grok thoughts in my brain.

We bought our iPhones on the eve of one of my many odysseys to the Yoop this summer and I don’t think I ever wrote anything about my first day with an iPhone that wasn’t pretty cryptic.

It was a Sunday afternoon of torrential rain when we bought our phones. The rain continued throughout the entire next morning and maybe beyond but I’m not sure because I drove north that day and the skies cleared as we headed up. Anyway, after early Monday morning coffee with MMCB (she took the first accidental picture with my phone), Mouse and I ran a mega-bunch of errands all over town, getting absolutely *drenched* in the process. I forget exactly when I got home from that marathon and I *think* she then went to work or whatever. I quickly packed my car and did some chores and then headed over to Day-Twa Metro to pick up Uber Kayak Woman at something like 2 PM and we hit the I75 SUV Speedway and cruised north. I can’t exactly remember when my iPhone actually received a call. I *think* is was from the GG on the way to the airport. The next call was from Gr8gerty, who was at Houghton Lake and called just about when we were driving by there. We couldn’t stop that time. We needed to get to the Yoop…

I didn’t even expect that the *phone service* would work at the cabin but when I got there that night, not only was I able to call my own personal troll, I was actually able to go on-line with the iPhone and even posted a quick blahg entry. I didn’t understand the Edge and I certainly didn’t understand why it seemed to be available up there on what used to be the remote shores of Lake Superior the Upper St. Mary’s River. New phone? iPhone? Internet access? On the beach? Garden hose water? Outhouses? Say what? It does not compute.

I did learn how to use my phone by cranking around to do whatever I needed to do. When I first showed the class my iPhone, there was a sort of general gasp. Now, a young man in the class has an iPod with most of the iPhone functionality. He is more actively exploring the device than I ever have. Our class activity tonight devolved into general hands-on demonstration sessions with the iPhone/iPod. I think that was okay with the instructor. The iPhone breaks all of the previous standards for browsing the web on mobile devices. We’re on the cutting edge here and not everyone in the class can afford to buy an iPhone, therefore it’s hard for them to know how to code for them. Uh, I can’t afford one either, but, I was irresponsible enough to buy one anyway. We don’t need to talk about the computer graveyard in the basement again, do we?

Speaking of glazing eyes, I’m sure this blahg entry is doing that to you to but it’s late and I’ve just turned in my internship midterm report. I spent a lot of time working on that, editing and nitpicking and tweaking. And about all I have left in my system is blather. Er, maybe that’s what’s *in* my midterm report. Anyway, that’s whatchyer gettin’! Grok grok. Ol’ Baggy is always good at blatherin’ away at any ol’ random topic. Grok grok

Rabbits and Chumbys? I have no time but check ’em out!

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