What go-oes up… must go-o down… doo-dah-doo

Spinnin’ wheel, got to go ’round… (That’s what you get when you search Youtube for “spinning wheel”.) It has been a wonderful, long overdue Moom Alone Weekend and I have gotten a lot of stuff done but not everything I wanted to because there were more than a few lazy bits. I was hanging around with my MacBook in the Landfill Chitchen during one of those lazy bits when someone banged in the front door! Say what? The GG was moiles away. 350 or thereabouts. He had just emailed me a Beach Day photooo from Fin Family Moominbeach, through the front window of the cabin, which means he has those dad-blasted storm windows off and that’s a good thing.

Turns out it wasn’t some lunatic, only Mouse, home from a weekend manning a table (with a friend) at a fiber festival somewhere on the west side of the state. She was inspired to spin and so wanted to move her spinning wheel from its current storage space on top of the Red Piano to her house downtown. (I hope Mouse doesn’t mind me blahgging her today.)

That’s my mouse. One bitterly cold January Sunday way back when, we took our kids and a friend of the older one to the Henry Ford Museum (beware, it AUTO-plays a video with MUSIC). There were lots of activities for children that day and I don’t *think* anyone threw up but I can’t quite remember. Anyway, one of the activities had to do with quilting and the kids had to hand-sew some patches together or something like that. Okay, we’ll try this. 1st grade girls and an almost-4-year-old. And there was my “baby”, the tiny little Mouse, working with needle and thread to make tiny, perfect, little stitches. The older kids? Not as good. Not as interested! They are both very intelligent people who can probably deal with a needle and thread quite competently when they need to. Mouse? Mouse went on and on and on with fiber arts. She is an expert knitter. People often think that I taught her this. Uh, no. Knitting? I know how. I do not know how to make my own patterns and stuff. Like Mouse does. I’m not even sure I taught her the beginning stitches. I am not very patient. I think maybe The Commander (my moom, her grandmoom) was her first teacher. Spinning? I have no clue. Sewing? I am pretty good at that. I do not design patterns. That is rocket science. Mouse is expert at that too.

Here are a couple links to Blood Sweat & Tears videos of Spinning Wheel. Yay for the brasses and the second link is purportedly from Woodstock.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    She’s very talented. (I can do none of those things–but Ashley can) She also learned to can from her grandmother and enjoys that too. (not me)Our girls are true Renaissance women. I love BS&T!!