I Was Gonna Drive Home Today, But…

Although it was a pretty slow morning around here, a few exciting things happened today including:

  • Jan watched an eagle pick up the dead seagull off the beach today. It was between the old cabin and the old McNaughton cabin. I would normally have been out there picking that thing up with a shovel but I was sort of avoiding it, with all due respect to West Nile and Bird Flu whatever you call it. Not to mention extreme laziness. But an eagle did the job for me. Or at least it tried. A whole bunch of living seagulls chased the eagle off and it dropped the seagull, in a much dimished form, right smack in front of our cabin. Surgical mask and shovel may be in order.
  • It took a bunch of amazons (Lizard, Aimee, Jane and me) to release the Old Town kayak from its perch near the ceiling in the garage. Only a mad scientist could’ve figgered that set-up out. Above another old boat. Jane, good luck with your tetanus shot!
  • The afore-mentioned amazons kayaked around Birch Point and got home just in time for it to rain.
  • 3/5ths of the Hondas on the beach left today. Miss you guys :-/ Lizard, I’ll mail the jeans.
  • We took the [goddamn] garbage up!!!

I am still here. I didn’t end up driving home (and that is a relative term) today but I could sure be stuck (and that is a relative term) in a worse place. It is different here without all the guys and we are still trying to find our bearings but we are strong women and the guys did sometimes drive us nuts but we still miss them and we’ll do our best to carry on and the North shall rise again. Onward!

6 Responses to “I Was Gonna Drive Home Today, But…”

  1. sam Says:

    Or, quite possibly, the Northerners shall rise again! Perdurability is your middle name! You persist with adaptations like snowshoes, dressed in multiple layers of fleece and sweatshirts! Oh, please be generous to those of us who have lost our full-fledged “Northerner” status! (BTW, where IS my darned temp card??)
    Hey, drive carefully, kayakwoman!

  2. acourtois Says:

    Love you, Sam!

  3. acourtois Says:

    Oh, as you would know, when we drove to Munising yesterday, we definitely drove past the road that ultimately leads to your cabin. A road I hope to travel later this summer, with wine in tow!

  4. sam Says:

    Aha! And jcb noticed that your stretch of the Gitchee coast is now hi-res in GoogleEarth. Very much looking forward to the UP rendezvous!

  5. gg Says:


  6. Webmomster Says:

    I am *SOOOOO* going thru withdrawal from this weekend….WHY did I return to the Land of Trolls?