ufp.jpgY’all do *not* wanta hear about my life this week. Work and school and meetings and coffee dates and frogs and talking toilets and cleaning my house little bits at a time and I even wielded a vacuum cleaner for a bit. The Beautiful Gay would be proud. Anyway, I think it’s about time for an Unfinished Prodject post! So here it is. I have not made much progress on my Unfinished Prodject lately. I crash landed back here on The Planet Ann Arbor on August 30th and before I had time to catch my breath, great big bug-like aliens swooped down and kidnapped me and I’ve been orbiting The Planet Zephron III ever since. Today I thought to myself, “I will just get my Unfinished Prodject out and work on it for a few minutes while I read various blahgs and check my bank accounts and do the scary firmware software update that I keep canceling out of.” And, so I did. And then I thought some more and I thought, “I bet if I bring this thing to Monday Coffee or Wednesday Coffee, I can sew and gossip at the same time and my coffee buddies will not even care if I work on it.” Grok grok. Ol’ Baggy is th’ best ol’ gossip aroun’ th’ planet here. ‘n’ Hoton Lake ‘n’ Fin Famly Moominbeach too. Grok grok. Anyway, this is what I have. Actually, I have just about one more square but it isn’t quite finished and it would make an odd un-square-like shape if I added it in. The colors are more or less random. I mean, obviously the basic color is blue but I have some little surprises too. This is not the final placement of the squares. It’s just random. But then the final placement will probably pretty random too, so who knows. Mouse is a better sewer than I am and if you haven’t been following her blahg, pictures of her and Africa (and some of Madrid too) and fiber art projects and drawings and aminals are here and here.

Yikes! Suzie’s birthday! The Beautiful Suzie! Not that the other Suzie’s Suzies are not beautiful too! Happy birthday Suzie. Love you.

P. S. Will somebody hit me when I do that stupid apostrophe thing?

5 Responses to “ufp”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Hi Anne. I sure do like the fabric – that electric blue looks great. I have a square pizza box (really sort of rectangular shaped) that I have some quilt squares in just in case I am going somewhere that I may be just sittin around. Problem is, I never seem to go too many places that I am just sittin around. Anyhow, the pizza box has enough room for some blocks and pieces and a baggie full of needles, pins, scissors etc. I guess you can use a carry bag but the pizza box doesn’t crush and it is easy to store. Just an idea. I read it in a magazine and I liked the idea. Can’t wait to see the fiished “prodject”. Think that you will finish before Mouse does? You will probably beat me!

  2. Sam Says:

    My house is filled with UFPs; they haunt me (when I don’t ignore them).

  3. Webmomster Says:

    my house *IS* a UFP…

  4. Jay Says:

    I have a UFP that I started before Rey was born, it is a sweater about half done, but I am now sure it would fit if I finished it.

  5. Pooh Says:

    Is it a sweater for you or Rey? ROFL! Anyhow, I am one to talk, when it comes to UFPs. Some of mine are more in the category of USPs, as in Un-Started Projects. I did finally finish the quilt for David, which was started when he was five and delivered to him for his 19th birthday last year. I think I still have the birthday tablecloth that I started for a first or second birthday. The idea was to have the birthday guests stamp their hand prints on the tablecloth and then embroider over it, and add to it each year. That one is going to remain a UFP, if it hasn’t already been pitched. I must have been channelling Martha Stewart when I thought THAT would be a good idea!