You may be in Ho Chi Minh City but *I* am in Fish Fly City

This photo wasn’t taken today. It was taken June 19, 2004. I posted a version of that photo on my blahg back then too. And I remember MMCB emailing me something like “I am in Ho Chi Minh City”, to which I could only reply something like, “You may be in Ho Chi Minh City, but *I* am in Fish Fly City!” Those fish flies are hanging out on the Little Princess trailer. Actually they are probably dead. Fish flies only live for 24 hours or so, if I have it right. The Little Princess is long gone and, if memory serves me right, it was the fall of 2004 when we knocked the old Houghton Lake cabin down. The one that was sinking into the ground and flooded regularly. The one where you often shared your shower with a frog. The one where, when the rickety old oil furnace went on the fritz yet again, the furnace repair guy would laugh when you told him what model it was.

We have a new place here now. It isn’t a McMansion but it is new and clean and is raised far enough off the ground that it doesn’t flood and I’ve never seen a frog *inside* the cabin and you can come up here in the winter and flip a few switches and have hot running water and the whole works.

Our journey here today was tortuous. With the Dogha loaded to the gills and kayaks on the top, we navigated around the western and northern edges of the Motor City up to Addison Oaks County Park for the GG’s brother Don’s memorial. Not an easy route. No way to take the hypotenuse to get there. All right angles and even a bit of back-tracking here and there. After a few hours and more food that I normally eat in a whole day, we were on the road again. Same kind of scenarios. No direct route and even a six-mile *detour* at one point.

Finally, we were back on the I75 SUV Speedway, where we stopped at Tornado Rest Stop to switch drivers, before continuing our journey to the Great White North. Some people were really futzy and antsy today. I had my moments but, for the most part, I was able to stay in the zen of the moment. We are here. It is hot and humid and the fish flies are out.

2 Responses to “You may be in Ho Chi Minh City but *I* am in Fish Fly City”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you made it–traffic and weather are both beastly here. I’m staying in with a book.

  2. Dona Says:

    My aunt and uncle in Mississippi call them May flies. I think they’re cool!