“Tweets” from the Houghton Lake Log, 1983 – 1992 edition

8/20/1984: Arrived 4:20 on the dot. The trip was awful and Kathy pulled over to yell at us kids. Betsy & Julia arrived at about 9:00. Julia was grouchy but I – Sally – cheered her up with a song.

2/8/1985: Dinner at Northshore bar. Elizabeth earned $10. Shoveled lots of snow.

2/10/1985: Timmy was up an hour or two before everyone else playing “Mr. Do” the video game.

5/11/1986: Some of the neighbors do not like guns. They might call the police, who will come to the cabin and say, “You cannot fire guns within 400 feet of any houses. [there may have been other similar episodes throughout the years….]

6/13/1986: Bill and Master Woodring discussed a duodecahedron full of duodecahedrons for *hours* on the way up and never did come to any conclusion (in fact, I’m not sure either of them knew what they were talking about). Elizabeth found the moon and pointed it out to the rest of us. -KW

5/7/1988: Donny threw up all over the garbage, the table & crying because his ear hurts. So I went to the store and got him Kids Tylenol. He threw that up too! Now this place *really* smells! Yuk! I see I’m going to have a wonderful Mother’s Day. -Grandmothertrucker.

8/8/1988: Today was cloudy and Julia ate part of an animal – gross (hamburgers). Grandpa bought a beautiful red boat. -Julia.

9/23/1988: Is this place a bachelor pad or a hardware store? -The GG.

6/16/1989: Ammo got hit by a car today!!! YIKES [pictures of tears everywhere] Ammo won’t be around any more. [alas, not everyone was exactly sad about that]

8/13/1989: Happy birthday Dave!! 2 years old today. Joanny forgot it was his birthday.

8/25/1989: KW, GG, Lizard, and Mouse arrive – nice weather but there are too many plastic orange juice and milk containers around here. [this must’ve been the infamous Bradenton Float Boat Contest episode. […or not…]]

1/27/1990: Elizabeth skied 2+ miles. This was Mouse’s second time on skis. [Hmmm, yeah, “I am *not* going on the Little Kid Loop. Waaaaaahhh.]

7/20/1990: Well. Today I made Courtois history. I was the first to write in crayon!

7/20/1990: My brother is being a weirdo. He says he made Courtois history.

7/22/1990: I’m making Courtois history. I am the first Courtois to write a sentence in this book with the pen in the mouth of this weird little rubber face. If Chris can be dumb and stupid, so can I.

12/1/1990: It’s vre nis i hop your plas is nis to. -Elizabeth.

12/1/1990: MOUSE [with upside down “M” and backwards “E”]

8/18/1991: Here with Susie. I hate spiders. There all over. -Renee.

9/11/1991: Chris and Mario shot out the street-light with their new slingshots before they went home. Someone saw them and called the police. Garth explained that *his* kids were all grown up…

10/27/1991: The water actually *receded* during the night so we can have breakfast here [at the cabin]. A good thing too since eating out with these fantastically picky kids is an ordeal and waste of money. [er, did you mean “fanatically picky”, young KW? (-: ]

10/27/1991: Everything is shut off for the winter. This place stinks and is a cluttered, dirty, dusty mess. It’s really nice. [Roight.]

2/15/1992: We are going skiing tonight!!! It will be fun very fun!!!! !!! – Elizabeth. [and it was! it was heaven on earth]

6/12/1992: I would like to put-put golf tomorrow so daddy said he might take me! -Elizabeth.

Same day: Too many bugs. -Tim.

10/10/1992: Today we whent up to petosckey and whet to a restraunt that only payed atention to the people at the bar so we left. WE NEED A NEW LOG!!!!!!!!!! – Elizabeth.

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