Robot Afternoon

It is Sunday afternoon and I am bored. Why am I bored? I dunno. I live for weekends. Oh, I’ll get this and that and those five other things done this weekend. Stuff that I don’t have time psychological energy to get done during the week. Roight. Oh, I have done a few chore-y and errand-y type things today. I cooked a non-Cheerios breakfast. I kinda sorta got ahead of the chief cook and bottle washer game for the week. I ran roooooomba through her paces. I cleaned the Blue and Only Bathroom (but I do that every day). And attacked the dirty area on the carpet near the front door where people insist on wiping the mud or whatever it is off their shoes. On the carpet. Yes. I walked to the grokkery store and I washed about a jillion dishes.

Still, half the afternoon is left and I don’t know what to do with myself. I could be weeding except it is raining. I could be shopping for new articles of what passes for biz-caz in the world of a baggy old kayak woman who keeps a pair of biz-cazable shoes in one of her desk drawers. On the off chance that visiting dignitaries might come to town. Or a new copy of The Vegetarian Epicure I since I can’t find mine, which means it probably disintegrated and I threw it in the recycle and don’t even remember doing it. Or a new pyramid peg measure (or 10), since I left my fave over at The Beautiful Becky’s the other night (my fave red corkscrew made it home successfully this time). I HATE shopping on Sunday. Driving around here and going to the mall or the big-box stores or even navigating the crowds downtown is soul-sucking. I could (and probably should) be slodging around in the Landfill Dungeon getting rid of cosmic debris. Am I doing any of those things? No I am not! Why? Because I am lazy! I guess.

If I were at Fin Family Moominbeach at this time of the afternoon on a day like today, I would probably go for a walk or fling a kayak in the lake and paddle away. Or I might sit on the beach and actually, you know, read a book. Or at least make a dent in the stack of New Yorkers that I was actually ahead of just a few months ago but now? Not so much. If it was a sunny, windy kind of day, I miiiiiight even lie down on a towel in the sand to read and… Sometimes I might even close my eyes for just a little bit. Here? If I am not doing something constructive, I feel guilty. Even if the GG is sacked out on the couch in the Back Room.

It’s Sunday afternoon (or was when I started to write this). What did you do with your Sunday? Are you feeling guilty for not doing “enough”, whatever that means?

7 Responses to “Robot Afternoon”

  1. laurie Says:

    it’s a constant battle between ought and want.
    i want to ride my bike. i ought to be vacuuming. i want to lounge around and read. i ought to go visit my aged mother. i want to take a nap. i ought to clean the bathroom.
    i don’t think you’re bored. i think you’re torn between want and ought, and that paralyzes you. at least, that’s what happens to me.

    (right now: i ought to go elliptical train. i want to read blogs. you see what’s winning.)

  2. jane Says:

    I was constructive but not in the typical way – I went to a house-warming party – very nice house. then headed back to a friends house and hung out for the rest of the afternoon — catching up with friends and maintaining relationships that get you thru the hard times.

    so no, I did not clean my bathroom as I had planned, but rather did something much more important!

  3. Margaret Says:

    I specialize in feeling guilty. I didn’t vacuum. There are so many rooms and closets I should/could go through and many rooms that need painting and recarpeting. But I HATE big projects like that!! So instead I had my hair done and had a manicure/pedicure. I don’t know why because it’s raining(again) and supposed to rain all week. I’m really behind on my Newsweeks too. Eek.

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I cleaned 2 bathrooms. I changes the beds upstairs and cleaned so the rooms are ready for Susie and John (or some other guest) to sleep in them again. I went outside shortly befor the rain started and planted some sunflower seeds. We will see what happens. Susie K. stopped by with my 2 lovely grandchildren and we spent a little time together. My next door neighbor dropped by for a chit chat and a cup of tea. I did not vacuum downstairs becase I did not feel like it. At 7 we went to the local coney for dinner. Went to grocery store after dinner for milk and bread and a few other items. Thinking about going to bed and watchig a little TV news before I nod off. Nighty night!

  5. Rey Says:

    We are on vacation, and can still feel guilty if we spend too much time just hanging around and not sight-seeing. But since our prime sight to see is our son, I’ll let it go this time.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    Reading these comments, I am thinking that I need to convince myself that it is okay to have a little downtime once in a while (-:

  7. pooh Says:

    Even God did it, and yes, I think it was a Sunday afternoon* when she rested. 😉

    *She had to wait until after church was over.