And so the youngest of the four granddaughters of The Commander and Grandroobly (no grandsons, sorry) has reached the age of the horizontal driver’s license here in the Great Lake State. She is spending her 21st birthday down here on the Planet Ann Arbor with her cousin Mouse and probably various other people. We were honored to be included at a small birthday dinner for her at Seva. I am glad we are not included in any of the other plans for the evening because I am so tired I can hardly keep my face from dropping onto my keyboard. I do know that the two-year-old that my little brother (her dad) would sometimes refer to as “Foghorn” does not fit that nickname any more. Happy birthday Pengo and good night!

3 Responses to “HBPJCTPH”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Congrats to the 21 year old!!

  2. Tonya Says:

    Congrats to DammmitJanet! :o)

  3. Pengo Says:

    thanks y’all 🙂