What did you do all day?

peace.jpgIt drives me nuts when some guy asks me a question like that. What did I do all day? Do you have five hours? Lemme see. Now that I am a working woman again, even though it is a teeny tiny little job (plus two classes and a couple of very small freelance jobs), I have had to resort to having an *errand* day again. That’s not to say that I don’t ever waltz in and out of the Westgate Kroger uscan as if it had a revolving door any more. I do. But I am *painfully* training myself to get organized and make lists again. And even bring my own grocery bags to the store. So, what *did* I do today? Lemme think. I got up and walked. Ate cheerios, made my bed, threw a load of laundry in, cleaned the bathroom, washed a couple dishes, checked my email and a couple of blahgs and some bank accounts and flylady. Took off and got groceries at the Westgate Kroger, another package of LED xmas lights at Tarjay, Michael’s who didn’t have what I was looking for, Bed Bath and Beyond because it was next to Micheal’s but I didn’t buy anything there either, Arborland Border’s and I won’t *say* what I bought there, Cost Plus for a basket (red) to keep by the door for me to put my gloves and scarf and ski band and various other outdoor paraphenalia because I can never get into the LL Bean bench because the GG always has three or four briefcases on top of the seat, and finally Lowe’s or Home Depot or whatever that big box store out on Jackson is, and I didn’t buy anything there either because I couldn’t decide if the snowman lights were what I wanted or not. They were *not* LED and I’m trying to stay away from anything *not* LED but darn it, I want some funky holiday lights. So. Then I came home and decluttered a few things and finished up the laundry and made some gravy and sorted through some bank papers so I could make a quick but ultimately disappointing trip to the bank and then I did a bunch of coding for a little freelance job and fooled around with Illustrator and inched along on my Unfinished Prodject. And then, since I hadn’t heard anything from the GG all day, I figured we were *not* going to eat downtown, so I took off on my walk, figuring that he would eat downtown and I’d forage. And I didn’t really care because I didn’t really want to eat downtown anyway because tomorrow is the Michigan/Ohio State game and I knew downtown would be a zoo and I wouldn’t be able to hear myself think. But I got about a block into my walk and my phone rang and he was on his way home, so I cut my walk way short and we drove down and ate at Conor O’Neil’s and it *was* a zoo and I couldn’t hear myself think and then he went to volunteer at The Ark and I. walked. home. In the dark. Chill out! It was a busy day and I have quite a lot on my mind anyway and most of it is good but some of it is bothersome. And the Blue Toilet still talks!

And. Whew! Because as soon as I hit the “save and continue editing” button, I realized that I had typed that whole monstrosity without saving it and if my loverly hosting service — which I am *still* trying to find time to ditch properly — or Comcast or my airport or whatever had decided to blip out at the moment I hit the “save and continue editing” button, I’d have prob’ly lost the whole darn thing and then who knows what I would’ve blahgged about! grok grok! Y’ could’ve asked MEEEEEE! I’d’ve done yer blahg t’day! grok Grok! I’ve gotta babushka song! grok GROK!

And finally, I’m not sure if old Chucky realizes he has an old bag on his distribution list but back in the dark ages, he and some of his then 20-something buddies used to direct plays for YAG so that’s probably why I’m still on his list. I remember a few times, this *guy* who didn’t sound like a high school kid would sometimes call for Liz, who was stage-managing for him or whatever. During school hours. High school, that is. Not recognizing his voice, I would say, “Noooo, she’s at *schooooooll*!!!” Oh, that was okay, he’d say, he could just talk to me. Anyway, his latest email is a link to a little YouTube video and, in the interest of helping out some “starving” young actors, click here for Frog Island. If you dare. (Seriously, it’s work safe. And Chuck, if you ever stumble across this, don’t get me wrong, I like to be on your distribution list. I enjoy hearing what you guys are doing these days and wish you the best of luck.)

And I think that’s about enough, so sayonara. Grok grok grok! Nooooo! I haven’t gotten t’ do my babushka song yet! Grok grok! Please lemme do my babushka song! grok grok frok grfok! Just a minute. [FROGGY! LAUNDRY BASKET! STAT!] Sorry about that interruption. I am not sure that the babushka song is work safe! Sheesh!

2 Responses to “What did you do all day?”

  1. Sam Says:

    “if my loverly hosting service…or Comcast or my airport or whatever had decided to blip out”: I recommend MarsEdit, in which you save your entry to your hard drive until you post it—preferable, if you ask me!!

  2. isa Says:

    if by stage managing you mean “doing everything”…