Towel Ponchos, Goofy Lamps, and Life

This morning, after a ten-day odyssey to the UP with my Fin G3 cousin Aimee, I dropped her off at Metro so she could return to her home on Lopez Island, Washington. We had not seen each other in eight years. It was time. Below is a pic of us when we were about ten. We’re on the beach, wearing our first sewing projects, towel ponchos that we made under The Commander’s supervision. I can’t believe how much taller I am than Aimee in the pic. Nowadays, she’s taller than me. Not to mention one heck of a lot braver and stronger.


We don’t look much alike and our lives are quite different but we do have some similarities. We are musicians and fiber artists and do active outdoor stuff like hiking, skiing, and kayaking. She’s a lot more adventurous, especially about the outdoor stuff, than I, who can’t live without taking a shower at least once a day. We had our first babies the same year. To be completely accurate, she bucked a certain G3 Fin trend and stopped at one child, Robyn. We have both gone back to college in the last couple years, albeit in very different fields of study. And there’s other more nebulous psychological-type stuff that can’t easily be put in words that make sense so I won’t bore y’all with it.

Oddly enough, we seem to have similar taste. I kind of knew that but I always thought I was just copying someone I admired a lot. But yesterday afternoon, when we walked into my house here on the Planet Ann Arbor and Aimee saw my cheap, goofy looking lamp (see pic), she said, “I have one of those too!” I bought mine on a complete impulse at a Home Depot here in Michigan. She did the same thing out in Washington. Go figure.


Girl, I hope you are having a good trip home and that nobody be irkin’ your nerve. Thanks for the last ten days. Thanks for wine and food and hikes and swimming in Gitchee Gumee and a kayak trip to absolutely die for with some of my favorite people on the face of the planet. Thanks for inspiring me to focus on positive thoughts and energy. I am on the watch for bat-scopes and mbira music.

3 Responses to “Towel Ponchos, Goofy Lamps, and Life”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    One of my ex-roommates had one of those crazy lamps and though I didn’t like her one bit, I *really* like those lamps!

  2. webmomster Says:

    heh-heh-heh! guess the Cabin needs one of those, now!

  3. frooogy Says:

    grok grok grok! Yeah, Th’ Commander is gettin’ rid o’ an ol’ dead lamp. grok grok. let’s supprise ‘er. grok grok