8degrees.jpgEr, I thought I had posted ice pics but I guess I got distracted. Click here or on the pic.

“8 degrees!” proclaimed my iPhone. It was 0-dark-30 and I was still in bed, figuring out what clothing to put on in order to face the elements on my early morning walk. That was a little colder than I had expected and I’d forgotten to pack my balaclava. Or maybe it was a conscious decision, considering that when I woke up Tuesday morning, my iPhone proclaimed 55! But that was on The Planet Ann Arbor and we’re in the Great White North. I should’ve known better. Anyway. “8 degrees!” I said to the GG as I got up to take a shower. He asked if there was ice on the lake. By then, there was enough light to see that there wasn’t any ice to speak of directly in front of the cabin. In fact, there was just a bit of movement on the water. Okay. There was no wind, so I was warm enough in just my ski band (and scarf and about five layers on the top and two on the bottom). And boots. I walked down to the end of the point and around to the first bridge. The canal was frozen! And so, it seemed, was much of the north bay. The canal was frozen at the second bridge also. Later, when we were taking off to our Black Friday boondoggle, we were driving by the state park and saw a duck hunter’s boat out in the water. So *that* part of the north bay was not yet frozen. By the end of the day, as we returned home, that part of the bay was totally iced over. But then I walked around the point again. The canal ice had great big holes in it and it looked like there were lots of holes (and waves) out on the bay. I think the ice is just getting pushed around. I think that it will melt again. So don’t getcher sno-mos out juuuust yet!

The other thing we did today was participate — in our own way — in Black Friday. I’ll blahg about that tomorrow. And post pictures. I think. Unless something better comes along.

I gotta go. Lest anyone think that the GG and I might kill each other up here alone at HL for a long weekend, his sister the lovely Lizard Breath will be here any minute. I’m sure she’ll be glad to referee! Sayonara, KW. Stay tuned for some bling tomorrow!

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