One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

tipuptown87.jpgAnd counting… A week ago today I was happily anticipating a long Thanksgiving weekend at Houghton Lake with a trip to Petoskey for Black Friday shopping and the whole works. At the same time, I sighed as I realized that in one short week, I would be back on the Planet Ann Arbor, gearing up for the next month and really not looking forward to it. We had an absolutely fantabulous time this weekend. We did everything we wanted to do. The weather was gorgeous and we watched ice form and thaw and get pushed around the lake. As an added bonus, we were joined on Friday by the GG’s wonderful sister Lizard Breath. Good times. I am *not* looking forward to the next month. I don’t have a huge number of people to shop for this year and one of those is in Africa and it’s so hard to send things over to Africa that I will just resort to transferring money from my bank account into her bank account. That’ll be easy. But, as for the rest? I just dunno. What do all you guys want? Equally perplexing is making my own Mom’s Cheep Xmas List. Last year was easy (er, not exactly cheep, but). I needed (er, wanted?) a new digital camera. And that was all. It was an easy and enjoyable thing for the GG to shop for (I think) and I am really happy with the camera! This year? Hmmmm. There are some coding/web design books I’m interested in. That more or less went over like a lead balloon, even though it’s just a matter of ordering used books online. How easy can it get? I also think on and off about a *real* video cam. It would be fun and there are some that aren’t that expensive. But I wonder if I would have time to learn to use it. And it would be another piece of electronical crap to have to schlep around. I dunno. I do *not* need more drudge toys or trinkety stuff. I am decluttering my house. Maybe that’s why it was so hard for me to buy trinkety stuff in Petoskey the other day. Anyway, I don’t know what to put on my Christmas list. Looking back to a year ago, some things have improved a bit. My house is nowhere near perfectly neat and clean but I have made major inroads in cleaning, organizing and dealing with clutter. I have *very marginally* more income this year than last. ‘course, it’s not hard to have marginally more income than zero, is it? 😉 And I do not have a blasted coding class this semester so there’s no reason to regularly break down in tears. Check with me at about this time next semester (that’d be about early April) ’cause I’m taking php/Ruby next semester. Er, I better get my you-know-what in gear and sign up quick because Jason’s classes do fill up. For good reason! 🙂

So, whaddy’all have on your xmas lists this year? Er, those of you who celebrate xmas, that is. Not everyone does and love y’all.

Grok grok! I *like ol’ bag guys! Th’ more bags, th’ better. grok grok.

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