cookies to jcb!

And not the Internet kind either! JCB, husband of Sam of Archaeofacts, who knows much more about computers and graphic design and WordPress et al than I will ever know, pointed me in the right direction and my comment/link problem is apparently fixed. I think. *looks quickly over shoulder* Had to do with permalinks and the .htaccess file. This confirms that I do indeed know just enough to be dangereuse. JCB blahgs (or maybe he blogs) at Now that that little problem is fixed, I am on to the next one, which is the perennial dilemma of what to cook for dinner. Cheers!

Eek, this is a little scary. I used to do ONE blahg entry a day. This seems to be my third for today. I refuse to let this become a habit!

2 Responses to “cookies to jcb!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Dinner in this household: using up some pesto (basil basil basil, of course; none of that nasty parsley pesto here) I stashed well-sealed with olive oil the other week with some pasta and shrimp in a salad. Good hot weather food!

  2. acourtois Says:

    Pasta primavera here, went to Whole Foods and I’m not sure what called out to me. It needs to be light tonight anyway ’cause we are walking downtown to a concert at the Ark afterwards.