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cookies to jcb!

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

And not the Internet kind either! JCB, husband of Sam of Archaeofacts, who knows much more about computers and graphic design and WordPress et al than I will ever know, pointed me in the right direction and my comment/link problem is apparently fixed. I think. *looks quickly over shoulder* Had to do with permalinks and the .htaccess file. This confirms that I do indeed know just enough to be dangereuse. JCB blahgs (or maybe he blogs) at Now that that little problem is fixed, I am on to the next one, which is the perennial dilemma of what to cook for dinner. Cheers!

Eek, this is a little scary. I used to do ONE blahg entry a day. This seems to be my third for today. I refuse to let this become a habit!

or not

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

So, now the comments and most of WP does not seem working. I can’t think what I could’ve done, although I know just enough to be dangerous. Stay tuned.

comment away

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

Good morning and let there be comments! After a day of frustration on many fronts, I finally managed to install WordPress on my host server. Within minutes, I got my first comment, from The Marquis. That is, my first comment via the website. The GG had several verbal comments to make:

  • Where are the weather icons? The weather icons do not fit on my new layout and I’ve been kind of wanting to get rid of them for quite some time now. Does anyone else care? I could make a list of text links to weather underground. Would that work? I could even put St. Louie 😉 in there.
  • What is “bleag?” He pronounced it something like “blee-ag.” Honestly, I do not know how someone can survive six (?) years of Catholic school without knowing what sound the vowel combination “ea” makes when it is between two consonants. I have changed the spelling to “bleeg.” The g is hard. I think I got the word from Grinch about umpteen million years ago. The meaning? Something like “you do not want to know.”
  • What does “no comments” mean? It means click to make a comment. I’m sure I can change the text there as soon as I figure out how.

And there are some other little issues:

  • Where are the archives? Well, I expect to migrate them over to this format but it’ll be a slow process. For now, you can get to the old archive page via “Other Links” over there on the right sidebar, you may have to scroll down. Honestly if you want to find carrot cake or Jack McNaughton’s cake or whatever, you can probably just google “ababsurdo” and “carrot cake.”
  • Pictures? I am not sure yet how I’m gonna handle them. I liked my old method of posting one small image and using javascript to “pop-up” larger pics and slideshows. The drawback was that it wasn’t web standards-compliant, something I care about. I am thinking… Maybe WP has a simple solution somewhere…
  • Emoticons… I noticed right away that WP was converting my little typed emoticons into graphics. I know I can change the default but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. On one hand, I think those graphics are kind of cheesy. On the other hand, I think there are a few octo-type people who don’t understand the plain typed emoticons. I’m thinking…

Anyway, there is a *lot* to learn in WordPress and I am a neophyte. And contrary to what some might think, this blahg is not a full-time job. I sometimes wish it was. It would be great fun to get paid to do this and sell fiber art stuff on the side but I’m afraid that’s all a big pipe dream. So, I will be pushing and pulling things around and tweaking when I have time. Comment away! Or don’t comment! Your choice. But I love comments! 😀

old dry crumbly toast

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

As my life continues to have the consistency of an old, dry, crumbly piece of toast, it is fortunate that there are other blahggers out there. Karen locates a missing person (May 23) and discovers that the way to get to Brimley actually does not involve turning left at the Brimily light (May 24). Sam is either talking about mushrooms or my [step-]grandmother. And Mouse, well, it appears that Mouse’s blahg is going to be a lot more interesting than this bunch of drivel. grok grok Whadidya expect, ya oogly old bag! grokGROK! Just a minute. (Shut up Froggy.) Sorry about that. And yes, Mouse *did* start calling herself Mouse at the age of 1-1/2. Mouse could talk as well as any adult at that age and was perfectly capable of clearly (and loudly) expressing her many opinions, including what she thought of the name I gave her at birth. No, I am not at liberty to tell anyone that name. And neither are you, Frooooogggy! grok grok I’m gonna go get some frog juice. grok grok. Hmmm, he’s off to an early start today.

Mouse’s Nest: a new blahg about knitting and life

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Announcing Mouse’s new blahg, She and I have been working on this top secret project for the last week or so and she tells all about it in her first entry.

I don’t have much else to say today. It is looking to be a terribly exciting day of:

  • Trying to identify a rather unpleasant odor in the kitchen
  • Desperately wracking my brain in the neverending quest for what to cook tonight
  • Deciding which dump to throw the YAG boxes in. Just kidding, well sorta just kidding. If any of you guys are actually reading this thing, I wanna get rid of that stuff like NOW! Not five years from now. I’ll buy coffee for anyone who takes it off my hands 🙂
  • I dunno what else.

One More Week

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

One more week of this crazy class. Business on the Internet. I like the teacher and my classmates a lot. I won’t say exactly what I think about the class. My own personal little blahgger’s statute of limitations on what to post about school won’t run out for quite a while. Uh, actually, I guess I already said it was “crazy.” Take that however you want. That’s all you’re gonna get for now. Just count your blessings that I didn’t blahg about some of the other stuff that was on my mind today. None of it would gel into a coherent entry and that is definitely to your benefit. You did not want to know and, anyway, other people are much more interesting than me. If you want cutosity, Sam has duckies on her blahg and, in news of the weird, Alfred has risen to new heights over on the dawg blawg (April 17 entry). Or perhaps he has fallen to new depths. It can be difficult to tell with Alfred.