where am i, how do i…

I walked the beach this morning. The almost always deserted moominbeach that my family owns with a couple other families. Even though I was scheduled to provide a small pancake breakfast to some of our dwindling numbers of family members, I hung out down on the beach, listening to the lake freighters blow their foghorns. I walked up over the bank and found a red pine that was covered with beautiful spiderwebs. I sat a while longer. Checked Twitter and Facebook and Email. Yes, I am bad in the bad old days of the 21st century. Round Island eventually began to emerge out of the fog and so I went hucklety-buck. The Grinch was scheduled to have breakfast with us and I had to get cracking. And… I haven’t made pancakes for a really long time but even though I used a different recipe than I used to (the old Betty Crocker vs. the old Joy of Cooking) and even though I had to substitute a couple of ingredients (butter for shortening, for one), they were fine! At the end, I had even recovered my pancake making mojo!! And yes, there was bacon. Oh yes!!! But not enough. There is never enough bacon.

And then, we hit the darn I75 SUV Speedway back down to the Landfill and work and our life on the Planet Ann Arbor. It was not a fun drive. It featured many many moiles of huge rainstorms. The kind where you can’t see what’s in front of you. There was a lot of traffic and there were brakelights everywhere. For a while I got off the dern freeway and drove down the old highway that parallels it. It wasn’t much better. There weren’t a lot of vee-hickles but there was so much standing water on the road that I was afraid we were gonna hydro-plane or something.

We’re home and we didn’t hydro-plane and and and and the next couple weeks are gonna be intense and goodnight and I love y’all.

3 Responses to “where am i, how do i…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Scratch pancakes–I salute you!! I haven’t made them for years, but I do them out of a mix. (cheater) I am amazed by that kind of rain; we saw it once on a trip from DC to Pennsylvania. It was, as the kids say, EPIC and not in a good way. I thought we were done for, but my husband is a fantastic driver.

  2. Dona Says:

    We used to make scratch waffles every day for the kids before school. (but my daughter recently told us she much prefers the frozen kind)

    There’s never enough bacon!

  3. laurie Says:

    i hate driving in that kind of weather. hate it. hate it. hate it. drove to iowa city one summer for a writing workshop and along a lovely country backwater road i drove straight into a WALL of rain. i could see it up ahead, a grey curtain over the road. “what’s that?” i thought, and WHAM i hit it and i couldn’t see for miles.