Slip ‘n’ Sloosh

ice-storm.jpgNo, you’re not seeing things, that’s what the doorwall at Houghton Lake looked like this morning. I wasn’t there. That’s the webcam. I was slithering around The Planet Ann Arbor trying to take my daily morning walk skate on ice that looked a lot like the ice in the picture, except that *my* ice was on the sidewalks! I admit, I cut my walk skate short about halfway around my circuit. The only place I could walk without slipping was on the grass. My boots crunched down through the slippery stuff enough to give me some traction. Flat pavement surfaces were sort of okay some of the time. If there was even a hint of slope, I was in freefall. This is not fun! It took me as long to do half my route as it takes to do the whole thing on a normal morning. I assume that means I got as much exercise. Sure felt like it. On that note, I began day three or thereabouts of mental block on my latest Illustrator project, a “Mardi Gras in Paris” poster. This one is for an actual client. In a way, that is. The whole class, plus a more advanced graphic design class submits designs for a fundraising event this winter and one poster is chosen. I don’t expect to win the contest and I don’t care one iota whether I do or not. Actually, I sincerely hope that one of the talented young (or not-so-young) graphic designers in the class win. Their future is in design. I am really a coder/programmer, who does a little bit of design here and there and, sheesh, it would sure help to know how to use all of the tools available, including Illustrator. But I still want to do the best job I can. I have been struggling! It’s a cool topic. I could hang out here and blather on and on about my design process (or lack thereof) but I won’t. I *think* I have come up with something I might sorta be able to use. I think. I am exhausted. I’ll probably hate it tomorrow morning! Sigh. Getting back to the weather, it’s over 40 now and there’s a lot of slippery slush. My afternoon walk was wet, dark, and slippery in many places. I promise, you don’t even want to know the details.

2 Responses to “Slip ‘n’ Sloosh”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    I can *imagine* the details. It was sleeting last night, turned to snow, and by this morning was soggy snow. Heavy-heavy to scoot off the driveway! Then RAIN after concert #2 this afternoon and 40 degrees.

    So. Is it winter or not?

  2. Webmomster Says:

    BTW – Nook may have an idea or two for your Mardi Gras theme…