This is not a good day to be hit with even a little smidge.

Of writer’s block that is. Yer all thinkin’ someth’n’ like “writer’s block? Old Baggy? She has a raging case of hypergraphia! I wish I could git ‘er t’ shaddup!” Naw, y’all are not gonna get lucky here. I can almost find something to rant, rave, or blather on endlessly about on my blahg. And it has nothing to do with my next novel. No characters to develop or twists of plot or beeyootyful scenery to describe ala my favorite novel of all time: “When she first saw that view, she would have dropped down on one knee and then the other.” Something like that anyway. Roight.I won’t say what the book was or who wrote it but it involves red tennis shoes. Roight, Mouse? [insert devilish grin here]

Nope. My writing involves describing little bits and pieces of web user interface elements and how they fit together and what happens when you click this or that and just the right labels to attach to everything so that people will know what to do without having to read a book to figure it out. How to describe all of this to web app developers without teetering over the edge into telling them how to code or organize the database. That’s their job, not mine. This week. We are on the cusp of publishing our work for the next release. My work is 95-99% done. The first draft anyway. It won’t be the last (8th verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse). Key people are unexpectedly out this week. I am out next week. Not unexpectedly. I’ve had my vacation busman’s holiday listed on the calendar for a while now.

Some people may feel like they are scrambling a bit. I do not feel that way. It will be a hectic week (what’s left of it) for me but we will get this stuff done. And it will be fun!!! Yes. It will. C’mon!

G’night from the Great Gray-green Greasy Limpopo Landfill Swamp,

One Response to “This is not a good day to be hit with even a little smidge.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the color of those flowers! Ranting, venting?? I could write a separate blog just about that. 🙂 Hope it’s not too hectic at work.