Please do not look for a “scoop” for toidy water in the chitchen!

And I ain’t answerin’ the door unless it’s somebody I know. Like Luke.

Why yes! Life is a faarrr-drill today! Why do you ask? Sat on the hot seat for 2.5 hours at work, albeit with a LOT of support from my fellow team members. Thanks you guys. (Er, I don’t really think that anyone from work reads this although I periodically admit that I am a blahgger.) I really wanted to at least make a drive-by on my spec today and we were over the scheduled time for the meeting and I said something like, “I have to be at Metro at 6:21… tomorrow morning!” Yes, that did actually get a laugh. As in, so we’re gonna be here all night? We went an hour over the scheduled time but we made it out of there alive. I do expect that when my vacation busman’s holiday is over and I am butt in seat again, my cube will be equipped with shackles and chains.

And so. I drove home. As is about per usual for my vacation busman’s holiday, the GG had some relatively complicated plans going. They involved leaving tonight with a separate vee-hickle and trading that vee-hickle for another that can haul a boat trailer and, uh, a boat. This kind of thing complicates things in a way but it is also fine with me. If he is traveling more or less on his own with his boat and boat trailer and his 15 bags and his camping stuff and his implements of too much fun and he leaves early, his psychological energy is no longer here at the Landfill and I can pack my stuff (which gets less and less as time goes on) in peace.

Well. I thought that the GG would be gone by the time I got home but, when I got home, the Dogha was in the driveway and the taaaarrrr pump was going and then, when I got into the Landfill, there was a lot of running up and down the stairs to the Landfill Dungeon and clumping and scrambling around down in the dungeon and it turned out that the shut-off valve (?) for the Blue and Only Toilet was leaking. Down into the (dun dun dun) Landfill Dungeon. I noticed that there was a little water down there this morning but there has been a little water down there after somebody takes a shower every since we moved into this crappy old heap 26 years ago, so I didn’t think anything of it. And. Dun dun dun. Did not REPORT it!

Long story short (oh, y’all know it’s never short with me). The GG went to the hardware store and fixed the valve. He is staying here for the night and leaving early in the morning but probably not as early as I am heading to Metro tomorrow. I do know how to throw buckets of water down terlets to flush them but I would rather have it fixed *before* we head out for my vacation busman’s holiday.

And of course, tonight was the first night in I dunno how long that we had a solicitor at the door. We were both at the ends of our ropes by then. The GG said, “There’s somebody at the door.” I asked, “Is it somebody I know?” He replied, “No.” I said (rather loudly), “I’m not answering the door unless it’s somebody I know.” And I wasn’t gonna. It’s my house and I can ignore the door if I want to. He caved in and answered it. Clean water in Michigan. Yes, we ALL want that. I am not sure door-to-door solicitation is the right way to approach it. Especially when you knock on the door of homeowners who have multiple faaarrrrdrills going on. Yes. Clean water? Wanna fix my toilet?

2 Responses to “Please do not look for a “scoop” for toidy water in the chitchen!”

  1. Paulette Says:

    BEE_YU_TEE_FUL photo ….Giverny, maybe. 🙂 C u on the beach.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I hate it when my husband expects the bucket method until he can get to the fix it job. Bah! Someone called on the phone when I was in the middle of dealing with a flat tire in my driveway, so they got short shrift also. I am impatient when I have too much going on. Have a wonderful weekend and holiday.