Temporarily driving a fancy red jeep and missing my intrepid little black ninja

That is, I was missing it until someone turned on the GPS in the fancy red jeep. Wow! I have been using a GPS since the late 1990s to roam around in the woods, etc., but lemme tell you these new-fangled car GPS units are not your father’s the 10 years younger KW’s GPS. Geeked out? Yes. I want one for the Ninja! Santa, are you listening? Oh heck, I’ll just buy my own. Who wants to wait around for some old white-bearded guy who probably has Alzheimer’s.

I can’t believe it’s only mid-July and I have already squandered the week of vacation time I planned on using for pretty much the whole summer. It was extra hard to leave this time. I don’t know why. Usually I just suck it up and go. This time, I dunno. I made yesterday stretch out as long as I could, live in the moment, live in the moment, live in the moment. It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed it to the fullest, knowing that today I would not be at the beach any more. I would spend my day on the soul-sucking southbound I75 SUV Speedway and I would end my day in the hot swampy Landfill Chitchen.

I made the drive today be as much fun as possible. I insisted on taking a few back roads and old highways, carefully planned so that we wouldn’t waste too much time. Meadows and forests and lakes large and small. I took over the driving between Topinabee and Indian River and I returned to the freeway at Vanderbilt. And, guess what? I was, as the title implies, driving an actual SUV today! The Beautiful Gay’s faarrr-engine red jeep Liberty. Why? Because it has a trailer hitch! Which the GG used to haul a boat trailer (and boat) up to Gitchee Gumee. They have got my Dogha in trade and I will bet dollars that they will be happy to get their jeep back tomorrow.

We had another stop on the way home today. My cousin’s beautiful daughter Charlotte was having a graduation party today. She is a 2010 high school graduate who will be attending Loyola University in New Orleans in the fall. We are proud of her and had a great time visiting with MacMullan family members we don’t see often and got a tour of the five acres surrounding my cousin’s new home. We didn’t stay too long though because our own San Franciscan daughter will be returning to her home tomorrow and we wanted to spend the evening with her. At least the part of the evening that happens before we fall asleep and she goes downtown to meet with friends. Of course, here we are and I’m blahgging and she’s listening to music and doing whatever. And of course, that’s okay. We can’t spend all of our time together sitting around having deeeeep conversations. Our brains would short circuit.

KW, from the swampy Landfill Chitchen

3 Responses to “Temporarily driving a fancy red jeep and missing my intrepid little black ninja”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I want a GPS too! (or a new car with one, not that I can afford it right now) Good for you for enjoying the moment. I need to work on that. Daughter #1 is home? Very cool. Ashley and I have deep conversations a lot, but also sit around watching dumb movies and eating popcorn. That’s just as much fun!!

  2. Uncly Uncle Says:

    The GPS is a Garmin. We highly recommend it over the Tom Tom brand.

    Hope you enjoyed the Jeep. It is a 2001 and still like new.

  3. Tonya Says:

    Just don’t use the GPS on Harstine Island. It’ll get you lost every time. ;o) (I guess some of those secondary roads haven’t hit the update queue yet).