Quick administrivia

icestorm.jpgSome people were having trouble viewing ababsurdo, specifically, nothing later earlier than December 7th was showing up. Are you guys back up to speed? Anyway, ababsurdo’s code *is* full of errors. They are mostly related to using embed tags for audio/video stuff, plus the Flickr badge is a *mess* of nested tables. I also found an error on the entry for the 8th that I inadvertently created (extra object tag) and fixed that. But, according to browsercam, IE was generally showing the latest entry albeit some versions look like heck, probably because of the Flickr badge. (I’m not here to get into any holy wars about browsers, but I don’t have IE at home and therefore have to resort to browsercam for screenshots. No, I haven’t had time to get into that bootcamp thing or whatever it is.)

Here’s the deal

  1. If ababsurdo is totally missing in action, it’s probably something going on with my host, which has deteriorated precipitously in the last six months or so. Yes, I want to move but that has proved problematical.
  2. If you aren’t seeing the latest post, try refreshing/reloading a bunch of times. Quit your browser. Restart your computer. Clear your cache.

I’m off to work. Just in time for the latest ice storm to start. Hi ho, later alligator. 😀

6 Responses to “Quick administrivia”

  1. sam Says:

    Technical feedback: no problems from the Sunny South (high of 76 predicted today, no lie!), using Safari, with daily comment loading. Only glitch was the link to that 7-minute moovie (still haven’t taken time to see it), which showed up as blank spot for a while and now isn’t.

    Non-technical feedback: be careful in that win-tree weather!

  2. Webmomster Says:

    Um…I believe there is a *slight* logical error in today’s post. How can someone who cannot get anything posted after 12/7 get today’s post telling them to REFRESH their browser cache?

    Hmmmmm? 😈

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Totally agreed. But I did it to serve as a general guide. 🙂

    In answer to Sam’s comment, there seems to be a new (?) issue with Youtube where embedded videos don’t always load after the first time. Or something. Haven’t exactly worked on figgerin’ that out and prob’ly won’t. It’s an easy (knock on wood) semester (in some ways) but it *is* crunch time.

  4. Pooh Says:

    Actually, what we were trying to say was we couldn’t see anything BEFORE 12/7. (Those pesky prepositions.) It is fixed now. It was probably at our end, but who knows.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    I prob’ly just did not read carefully about the before/after thing. Things like that are usually a browser cache issue. But I did have an extra tag in my html. I don’t have total control over the html though, because a lot of it is dynamically generated by WordPress, which uses php templates. I can do basic things with php but I’m not an expert. So, I can troubleshoot some things but not everything. I’ve enrolled in a php class at WCC next semester so I’m sure I’ll be better at it by May. Of course, the class might just *kill* me! 😉

    One thing anyone can do is to send me a screenshot showing the error or problem and tell me which browser/version you’re using.

    Love you all and believe me, I *want* you to be able to access my ranting and raving and rambling and general blather. Sometimes, it’s beyond me to fix the issue though. I’ll keep trying. 🙂

  6. mouse Says:

    i miss snow D=
    you can send me all your extra “bad weather”, as all the cold people call it.