Things you can do with Photo Booth but probably shouldn’t ;-)

yeah-right.jpgSlog on. For the last couple of weeks, the random but typical vee-hick-ular configuration here at the Landfill has been: The Indefatigable in the street, Dirty Old Green Honda Accord at the top of the driveway, Cute Little Blue Honda Civic with the Yellow Flower in the Blower behind it. And the unspoken but typical vee-hick-ular driving schedule has gone something like this. KW gets up and takes a walk. Or tries to. If there’s not a sheet of ice everywhere. The Mad Scientist takes The Indefatigable to work. KW takes the Clbhcyfb around to wherever she’s going that day. AND PUTS GASOLINE IN IT! When it needs it. The Dogha stays at the top of the driveway. No particular reason for not driving it. The scheduled maintenance light has been on forever but we’ll get to that soon. I hope. And actually it’s better on snow and ice than the Clbhcyfb. But two people cannot simultaneously drive three vee-hickles in any way that I can figure out and the Clbhcyfb has been in a more convenient position.

Today: KW gets up and takes a walk. The Mad Scientist suddenly and inexplicably does something *different* and drives the Clbhcyfb to work. Leaving KW with a choice of The Indefatigable and the Dogha. No brainer. The Indefatigable is a venerable old vee-hickle but it has seen its day and although KW likes cold weather, she does not need air conditioning in the winter, especially if it can’t be turned off. And it can’t be turned off in The Indefatigable because, in The Indefatigable, air conditioning consists of big holes in the doors and windows that stop rolling up a couple inches from the top. That is, they roll up that high if you can find the knobs that make operation of the window roller-uppers (or whatever they’re called) possible. (What *are* those things called? I am drawing a complete blank.) And plus, KW has no idea how much GASOLINE is in The Indefatigable because the gas gauge has been broken since maybe about mile 130K or thereabouts. Hmmm, maybe *that* is why the Mad Scientist made a sudden switch in vee-hickles.

But no problem, she can just take the Dogha. KW, who hates to be late to anywhere or anything except for family parties (long story), looks at the weather (wintry mix) and figures maybe an extra ten minutes would be a good thing. And it was a good thing. But not because of the weather, which was easily drivable. It was because when she cranked up the Dogha, it was OUT OF GASOLINE! Okay, not totally out. But close enough to out that a person like KW felt the need for a stop at the Jackson/Maple Shell station on the way *out*, NOT on the way home. The positive thing? NO KEYS were missing from the BASKET! Plus, the Dogha is now FULL OF GASOLINE:-)

Love and slog on,
Kayak Woman
Boy, do I look like a MacMullan in that pic. Not that that’s a bad thing! 🙂

4 Responses to “Things you can do with Photo Booth but probably shouldn’t ;-)”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    “roller-upper”….hm, “crank”??

  2. Sam Says:

    Gives new meaning to “red-eye”, that photo!

  3. Valdemort Says:

    It looks like you have a supercell in your eye!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Haha. Yeah, the sight of that “supercell” had me running to a mirror to make sure there wasn’t some kind of big broken blood vessel in there or whatever. 🙂