Ramble Ramble, Only a Little Bit Emo

I cannot for the life of me figure out anything clever to talk about today. I guess it’s another one of those slow blahggin’ days. Liz recently said, “Yeah, Mom, I can tell when it’s a slow day.” And it was. So, this is just a straight (rambly?) post about life for the last 24 hours or so.

There were three Hondas here overnight (blue, green, and black) because Liz came home from her house in kzoo to meet up with her friend Colleen, whom she’s known since March 1985. I made chicken pot pie and then they walked downtown and met up with various other people at various barrooms. It is fun to make G&Ts for your kid, especially when your kid is a more responsible drinker than you are. Mouse went out too and then when Liz came home at 0-dark-thirty, I had one of those bat-scope moments and forgot where Mouse was and there were a few moments of panic about that but she was at Amanda’s which was A-okay. Actually, just about anywhere Mouse goes is A-okay because she’s another kid who generally possesses better judgment than her mom.

Today was shopping for clothes for Cali and beyond and discussions about the color pink. My beeyootiful new sunglasses (not pink) may or may not have caused a sensation in the trendy clothing stores downtown in The Planet. Pink may be the new black to some, not necessarily anyone I know, but shabby is the new black to me. And lunch at Amer’s, where they can’t seem to halve the vegetarian sandwiches.

And then. And then. River ride? Yeah, we did that. I was envious of all the kayakers. My kayaks are all in distant locations. And then Liz and I walked over to her alma mater, Haisley Elementary, to check out the construction zone there. We discussed the playground structures and various things that happened there. Like the time she was in kindergarten hanging upside down on some monkey bars and “Mom, some big boys *looked* at my panties.” Roight. I didn’t remind her about the old 60s-style play structure made out of old tires and how, at the age of 18 months, she climbed all the way up and down that damn thing and I won’t tell you what she was doing the whole time but it did clean up quickly. A few years later, some kids made a bomb with a gas cylinder and some black powder and tried to blow that structure off of the face of the planet. They were not successful but they severely wounded one of their friends. I’ll blahg about that whole thing another day maybe. It’s too long a story for now.

And then we stood on the painted sidewalk map of the US and she walked from The Planet Ann Arbor to Berkeley, CA, stopping briefly at St. Louie and Colorado along the way. I planted my feet firmly on the shores of Gitchee Gumee and kind of squinted out at the left coast. This was the emo part of all this.


Liz has returned to kzoo now. Mouse is downtown somewhere. Prairie Home is on and, as usual, I am half listening to it. Sorta wishing I was at Houghton Lake. Knowing it might be a while before I get there again for more than a few hours. This is a bit emo too, sorry.

Love and Peace.

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  1. Mark Says:

    Hang on Anne. Reinforcements are coming. See you next weekend.

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  4. Isa Says:

    reinforcements include dan and dave, no?