In which I continue to crack myself up.

Well, also because Margaret asked. I used to be one of those people that didn’t like to hear the sound of their own voice recorded. I have no idea what happened! Fargo-type accent? Agategal noticed an accent. I *love* that!!! I’ve never been to Fargo and I didn’t think I *had* an accent. I guess my accent would be midwestern in general, maybe with a bit of Yooper/Canuckian thrown into the mix. Anyway, this is our chitchen. Yes, that is a kid word. It is Lizard Breath’s word. She learned to talk along a pretty normal trajectory. Mouse could say words like “kitchen” with perfect enunciation by the age of about 18 months and use them in a [perfectly enunciated] sentence. This is the chitchen that we are trying to re-do. Our new deadline (yes, new) is Thanksgiving 2010. I know what I want: white cabinets, wood floor (no, not pergo), granite counters (like everybody else, I know…). The problem is that I am *clueless* about how to proceed. I am NOT a shopper and I get overwhelmed after 10 seconds in a store. Will we do it? We’ll see. Why does this seem so easy for everybody else? Why didn’t I marry a contractor? Because life is sooooo much more fun living with a mad scientist. That’s why. Unless you are trying to renovate your chitchen. (The video is just under three minutes if you can stand that much of my voice and rather wandering commentary.)

P.S. Once again, I want to ask YouTube why there isn’t a category called something like “Total Idiocy”? “Entertainment” doesn’t quite cut it for this little number.

7 Responses to “In which I continue to crack myself up.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Why, thank you!! I think we have the same fridge(side by side) and the same sort of family photos and yellowing newspaper articles on it. 😉 Your kitchen is way retro, harvest gold–ooh. But where is the avocado? GG doesn’t look too thrilled to be in your video and your white laptop looks VERY familiar.

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Maybe you will be ready for Thanksgiving in your new kitchen. Just have to get started.

  3. Jay Says:

    Accents? When I first moved to Seattle everybody thought I was canadian. I think it is the UP influence.

  4. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Yep, I think starting is the hardest part. Are you finding help to hire? Ask friends for referrals.
    Might as well start now when you can bar-be-que in the back yard and do your dishes outside with the hose.
    Does this sound like experience talking?
    If you wait ’til Nov. the dishes could most likely freeze outside before you wash ’em, and no one will want to hang out around the bar-be-que.
    Good luck!

  5. Marquis Says:

    I would plan on ordering out.

  6. laurie Says:

    your voice is great. here’s how we did the kitchen remodel:

  7. grandmothertrucker Says:

    Accent? What accent? We don’t have accents, everybody else does. When I drove all over the US, I found that we speak just like most people in the movies unless it is an inner city thing or a foreign person trying to speak English. I met a woman who grew up in Hazel Park ( Hazel-tuckey ) and she had a strong Canadian accent and it baffled her family. She was at Randys house and called him “Rondy”. I suggest you have Kathy Farnell help you pick out what you want. I don’t think there is room to move the refrigerator to the right a little so you could access that corner easier with a 2 shelf lazy susan inside. I have one and I hate it. Otherwise you loose a lot of space. I love the long wooden counter and shelf on the other side though. I have never redecorated a thing, but Kathy has.