Spreadsheet Queen

Yes, that is Spreadsheet Queen, *not* Bedsheet Queen, although back in the days of loading three triple-load washing machines and then some with with every sheet and towel in the moomincabin, I guess you could’ve called me the Bedsheet Queen. Today, I was the Spreadsheet Queen. And by the way, this is a [mostly] G-rated (or maybe PG) blahg. Any lewd comments based on this paragraph *will* be edited or even deleted if necessary. You know who you are!

The thing is that I spent the entire day busily nibbling away at spreadsheet updates. It’s okay, I *like* spreadsheets. That’s why I’m the Spreadsheet Queen. (That title did not come from work, it is from an old PTO job I used to have back in the dark ages. We are all pretty good spreadsheet queens at work.) But you do NOT want to hear about my spreadsheet adventures. Soooooo, I will hereby post my first pass at functional requirements for the new Landfill Chitchen. I was *asked* to do this, albeit not specifically on my blahg. These are VERY high-level requirements…

Okay, where do I start. We are moving the stove and, because we are moving the stove to approximately where the refrigerator is, that means we are moving the refrigerator. I know approximately where that is going but I can’t describe it except to say that it will be somewhere along the wall across from the GG’s back in the photoooo. (The stove is to his left. We do have a diagram of this stuff.)

Cupboards! Because everybody is always all excited about these! White white white! I really, really, really thought I was gonna want some kind of light-colored natural wood cabinets. I did NOT want white! No way. The more I thought about it, I knew that I would get lost in all of the “beige” that would result if I had a wood-colored floor *and* cabinets. And then I saw a picture in a magazine that I actually *liked*. With white cabinets. I want wood. I think. Convince me that I want something else (beware the floor discussion below). Yes, it will be harder to keep white cabinets clean. I’m not sure I care. Now. I am TOTALLY OVERWHELMED by the cabinet configurations that are available these days. The GG keeps randomly showing me specialized drawers and things and I just can’t make myself care. Drawers are drawers and cupboards are cupboards. I’m not sure I want to lock myself in with too much specialization. Now, if I end up with corner cabinets, and I probably will, I DO want lazy susans. I want GOOD ones this time. The ones I have suck and stuff is always falling off them into the darkest depths of Mordor. Yes, I have seen the photooos of The Beautiful Renee’s new kitchen and I LIKE her cabinets! Two people have sent me the same pictures now. Betcha can’t guess which two. Hint: they think alike.

Floor. Wood. I think I want wood. I will NOT be sold a bill of goods like I was when we redid the floor back in the dark ages. No more linoleum for me. I know, I know, the peanut gallery says, “get Pergo.” We have it at Houghton Lake. It’s fine. I’ve looked at bamboo and cork and things like that. I think I want wood. Back in the dark ages, I really kind of wanted ceramic tile. The peanut gallery said, “You don’t want that. It’ll be blah-blah-blah and do blah-blah-blah.” I bowed to the peanut gallery and got the sh*t I have now. Hate hate hate! Yes, I am a bit bitter. Deal with it.

Countertops. Granite. I thought I wanted something with a black base but then I saw this beautiful gray granite with random speckles of black, white, and other shades of gray AAAAAANNNNNND little sparkly cobalt blue sparks. (Did I really write sparkly sparks? I crack myself up.) Was it expensive? Yes. What did you think? Maybe I won’t end up with that particular granite but I don’t think I’ll end up with black either.

Taking out the wall? I am having a bout of cold feet about that. I’m not sure I *want* to open the whole place up that much. It isn’t really that kind of house. And the stove (because that’s where I wanna move it) would have an open space behind it. I’m not sure I want that. And I would have to move the piano and I’m not sure where else it will fit. Somebody convince me. Or draw me a new floor plan…

One more random kind of thing. I neeeeeeeed a place to haaaaannnnng my pots and pans. An unobtrusive place, kind of like where I have them now, just to the left of the stove. This isn’t a big enough room to hang them from the ceiling in the middle of the room. I do know that I am NOT going to go dredging around for pots and pans in drawers and cupboards. Those drawers that are made for holding pots/pans are cool if you have a large space to work with. The Landfill Chitchen has adequate space but it is not large and those drawers would just waste space. Don’t ask me about those again.

This is my first round of writing things down. I guess this will end up in a spreadsheet at some point but I didn’t have any spreadsheet energy left at the end of today.

How did you spend your day?

8 Responses to “Spreadsheet Queen”

  1. kathy Farnell Says:

    I think you will like white wood cabinets. I have wood floors and I like the floor just fine. A dog will scratch your floor really bad, but since you don’t have a dog, no problem. If you are thinking of dark wood, please reconsider. The lighter the better as far as dust and crumbs go. (Speaking from experience) You will be so happy when the wall is gone. I know it is hard to immagine what it will be like, but I am positive that you will not regret the decision to open up your space. Air flow and the view of your back yard are two great reasons. The piano will find a new spot. I guess I have shared my opinion.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have white cabinets and they are really easy to keep clean. They are also light and cheerful. Open spaces are nice, but threatening at first if you’re not used to them. Remodeling scares the heck out of me!! I’m the one who couldn’t even decide on chandeliers.

  3. jane Says:

    re: drawers — have you been to IKEA? I LOVE the drawers they have. they slide in and then the last half inch they close themselves. if nothing else, go check IKEA out to see what is available in that world. I know – it’s overwhelming, but various layouts might help you narrow things down.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Most of my lower cabinets have the slide out shelves which are very nice — easy to get to the things in the back. I ruled out black granite and went with a multicolor that it lighter. Black is very elegant, but very hard to keep clean — Arizona dust is constant.

  5. Susie Says:

    I’m glad you have more set ideas of what you want.
    I don’t know what it’s like now, but that store “the great indoors” used to have a lot of really cool samples kitchens with neat tops and sinks. It might be fun to see just for ideas.

    I think the white cabinets will be nice with a wood floor, especially because you don’t have to worry about little kids making it look dirty all the time.

    They make some lazy susan’s with railings on them now to keep your stuff on, and with corner cabinets (if they are not the round ones) you can get these ones that are half moon or sometimes bean shaped that pull out with all the stuff from the back corner.

    Whether or not the wall comes down, do you know if you plan to keep the soffit? If you take it out, your wall cabinets would be taller (an extra shelf can be much more storage than you would ever imagine it would be) and you could hang the pots and pans right over the stove. Then you could put a tile backsplash up if the wall is still there so they don’t hit and bang up that part of the wall.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    Thanks for all the comments. This is hard for me and having to communicate with the resident engineer makes it a bit harder. That’s why I sound so grumpy (-:

    Earlier this morning, I actually thought of the same idea as Susie about putting the pots and pans above the stove.

  7. jane Says:

    re: pots/pans above the stove — keep in mind you need an exhaust hood as well.

  8. pooh Says:

    Re: opening up the wall. Maybe a half wall? The stove has a wall behind it, you have the view *over the stover and through the woods*, and maybe the piano can stay where it is, if it’s shorter than the stove. You could hang the pots over the stove to frame the view.

    Re: all the other stuff. Don’t ask me, I’m in a kitchen that’s been essentially the same for 26 years, and I don’t look at those fancy magazines.

    *When I started typing the sentence, it begged and whined to be re-written this way.