Eet’s not a gang, eet’s a club

scrider.jpgMerry Christmas, everybody! Well, not *quite* everybody. Yesterday, after a round of email conversation with a couple of Jewish buddies, I found myself going back to check my last message to them to make sure I hadn’t wished a Merry Christmas. Even Happy Holidays would’ve been a little tacky since Hanukkah has already happened this year. On the other hand, one time when I was still hanging around with YAG, we were in the throes of tech week for our December production at the Mendelssohn. I had just managed to park the POC down at the theatre and, as I was getting out, I heard a blast of klezmer music and looked up to see a great big menorah on top of a van passing by my rusty old vee-hickle. “Happy Hanukkah!” the driver yelled out. Then, apparently he peered a little closer at this baggy old Celt because he backpedaled a bit and asked, as if he were afraid he had offended me, “Are you Jewish?” No sir, but I like your spirit and I’m honored to be on the receiving end of a Happy Hanukkah wish. So, when I wish someone, anyone, a Merry Christmas, what I really mean is something like, “May your life be blessed with peace and light and happiness and relative prosperity without too much wretched excess. And all that good stuff.”

We’re off to a slowish start today as our California girl adjusts to this time zone and copes with a monster cold featuring laryngitis and a sore throat. Haven’t opened any gifts yet. Or eaten breakfast. Two text messages came in from Dakar and then I actually managed to make the land line (but not my iPhone) complete a call to Mouse’s cell phone. Not sure what the phone bill will be. And don’t care! Glad I didn’t get rid of the land line? Yeah. Merry Christmas to me!

Believe it or not, there are two of these goofy looking blow-up Santa riders on my evening walking route. I don’t know if they know each other or not. There goes the neighborhood?

At least no one set their alarm clock for three AM this year. And I tend to be really random on Christmas Day, so I just may be back later! Or not.

2 Responses to “Eet’s not a gang, eet’s a club”

  1. Jay Says:

    Merry Christmas. The west coast has arisen, so Liz should be awake (if not down by cold). Our girl was the last up, a total change from past years, and is now the first down. She stayed up watching My Fair Lady on her computer last night. Early, the rest of us went out and watched It’s a Wonderful Life in a non-profit theatre. A good walk in the brisk December air (with no rain!) was a great end for Christmas Eve. Good tidings to all.

  2. Emily R Says:

    We know that and are not at all offended to be wished a Merry Christmas!