The Commander makes her umpteen bazillionth blueberry pie

Pie has always been part of our beach traditions. Blueberry because we can pick them right here in our yards. When the blueberries aren’t ripe yet, apple or cherry or sometimes lemon meringue. The White Tornado used to make a special one-crust pie with raw blueberries that I especially liked. If we were having a big family dinner, there were usually two kinds of pie to choose from. My grandma would ask her boys what kind of pie they wanted and they would answer, “both!” Parse that!

The Commander learned how to make pie from her mother, down in Garden City on the farm that belonged to her maternal grandparents. Her own parents were not farmers but her mother knew how to grow food and can it and the whole nine yards and the Comm began helping out in the kitchen at an early age. She uses the recipe in the old Betty Crocker cookbook. The one in the binder with the red-checked cover that was around when your grandmother and mine were young mothers.

What’s that? Does Kayak Woman make pies? Weeeellllll, hmmmm, she has been known to but it can be a struggle! Somehow she has missed out on whatever little scrap of DNA has the pie-making gene. But click the video to see the Commander putting the finishing touches on about the umpteen bazillionth blueberry pie she has made in her life. She picked her own blueberries too! Right out in the front yard. Wearing blue pants and a blue hat to boot.

3 Responses to “The Commander makes her umpteen bazillionth blueberry pie”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love your Mom’s accent, especially when she says about. 🙂 I absolutely love blueberry pie; her cutting design on the top is cool. I am not good with crusts at all. They usually break and involve much crying and wringing of hands.

  2. Paulette Says:

    Dear Commander,
    Mmmmm. Beautiful pie. Perfectly edged… BUT, I particularly like the vintage apron. Rock on…

  3. laurie Says:

    the last time i made a pie was when i was still trying to get doug to notice me. (before we were married, thank you very much.) i made him some little berry tarts. he put them in the trunk of his car and forgot about them. not an auspicious beginning…..