In which KW gets the grand prize!

Actually, that’s not quite accurate. It was Mouse who got the grand prize and, although I texted her a photoooo, she’s at work, so maybe she hasn’t seen it yet. But let me back up.

I bumpety clunked over to the Motor City suburbs today for The Beautiful Renee’s wedding shower. She is being married on my older daughter’s birthday this fall. “Spilling your guts on the Internet every day” is not synonymous with “social butterfly” and I always feel a little awkward when I first galumph into one of these events in my raggedy old Chacos et al. Not to mention… Small talk? Me? Not. But I married into a big happy Catholic family and I’ve been around for a heckuva long time now and I’m one of the aunts, so I immediately grabbed a seat next to The Beautiful Betsy and The Beautiful Kathy’s three beautiful grown daughters. I was okay. The food was wonderful and there was sangria but I was my own designated driver today so I only had a bit of that. But maybe I’ll make it at home next weekend if The Marquis and the Grand Poohbah come through the Planet Ann Arbor again on their way home from the moominbeach.

I never liked those little games that get played at showers but fortunately, the bride and her friends are sophisticated young women with successful careers and the few games that were organized were pretty low-key. I do think that if the GG ever gets hit by a beer truck, I will not marry again if only to avoid the bubble-gum game. Only the bride gets the honor of playing that game and I think TBRenee had a glob of about eight pieces of bubble-gum in her mouth at the end of it. Fling *that* at the front windshield of The Exxon Tanker Valdez while the GG is driving and see what happens 😉

TBRenee left with many beautiful gifts and several Courtois in-laws scored on the game prizes. I did not win any prizes and that was OKAY with me because, if you have been reading here for any length of time, you know I have enough stuff. I do not need anything more, even if it is useful. But then. It was time to leave. TBBetsy snagged me and said, “hey, if you pull up next to my [cute little] FIT out there, I have something for you.” I was a bit taken aback for a minute. The Courtois family owns a lot of artifacts and I have a few lot of them around and I was thinking, “what could it be?” and “I don’t need any more stuff” and “bdah bdah bdah bdah”. But guess what it was? It was that spinning wheel up there in the photooo. It belonged to the GG’s Grandma Myrtle who got it from her mother or maybe m-i-l, I am not clear about who. And I also cannot imagine Myrtle using a spinning wheel but I could well be wrong. [Grandmothertrucker and TBKathy, I know I am mangling the story, so keep me honest here.] The important thing here is that it has actually been passed down to someone who KNOWS how to use a spinning wheel! No that is not me! It is my daughter Mouse. In fact she already owns a spinning wheel and here is a short video of her spinning. Mouse is probably one of the few college students in the early part of the 21st century who had a spinning wheel in her college dorm room.

Anyway, it was a wonderful wedding shower and THANK YOU Courtois family, especially Grandmothertrucker, for making sure that spinning wheel got to a descendant who will be able to use it. It is a bit mind-boggling to think of all the generations it has NOT been used but whatever. Love you all!

3 Responses to “In which KW gets the grand prize!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate shower games–chewing gum competition? I remember one where we had to drop clothespins into a milk jug. I was miserable at it, like I am at any activity where you have to aim. A spinning wheel is awesome!! Mouse is such a renaissance young woman, like my Ashley, who is one of the few 24 year olds I know who can can and sew. ( I sure can’t!)

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I have a piece of the spinning wheel! It is a broken piece. It is a stick with a hole in it sort of like a needle with an eye. I think it is the piece that goes from the wheel to the pedal, but I’m not sure. I don’t know that Grandma Myrtle ever used the spinning wheel. It came from the Courtois side of the family and is dated on the bottom. It is something that may have been used by Grandpa Arthur Courtois’s mother which would explain why grandpa had it. (Arthur Courtois died May 10, 1950.) When Myrtle sold her home, my dad was given the Spinning Wheel to take care of. In any case, it was considered an important piece of Courtois history, and hopefully it will always stay in the family.

  3. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Anne, Was glad you made it to the shower. Renee, Nick and his Mother are on the way back to Richmond as I write this. Traffic has been bad and its taking about 15 hours.

    We need to get an accurate history on that spinning wheel.