Grok grok! I wanna go t’ th’ grokkery store too! grok grok

myfriends.jpgGrok grok! Boy that stoopid ol’ Garbidge Woman is such a no-it-all. grok grok. She is alwayz rumblin’ aroun’ about how t’ sort th’ reeecycle stuff. grok rokgr frgok. ‘n’ what t’ put int’ th’ compost heep ‘n’ what not t’ put int’ th’ compost heep. grokgrok. ‘n’ Ol’ Baggy has a ol’ black thum so I don’t see what diffrens it makes what goes int’ th’ compost heep. Grok Grok. ‘n’ how t’ packidge up th’ garbidge so it doesn’ make a big mess ‘n’ if y’ don’t do it all jest eggzackly rite, she gits up on ‘er ol’ hi horse ‘n’ starts decreein’ this ‘n’ that ‘n’ th’ other thing. grok grok frgok. Us pore li’l ol’ froggies hafta hop lickety-split outta ‘er way! Grok grok GROK!

grok grok. So, th’ last garbidge day wuz reeely funny. Grok grok. It wuz Saterdy but this’s th’ first time Ol’ Baggy has stept away frum th’ ol’ puter long enuf fer me t’ git on. Grok grok. I wantid t’ do a podcast but th’ ol’ bag has me lockt outta garageband, maybee i’ll be back later with one. grok grok. Enyway. It wuz garbidge day ‘n’ Ol’ Garbidge Woman wuz fussin’ aroun’ cuz she fergot t’ take out one last ol’ garbidge bag. grok grok. So she bagged it all up ‘n’ started goin’ out t’ th’ street t’ put it in th’ garbidge cart. grok grok. Me ‘n’ Squeeky Speedy Water Janet Pop Bubble Mousey Mushroom Ears wer sittin’ up here on th’ top o’ th’ ol’ curtis couch watchin’ out th’ window. grok frogdk ‘n’ Softy Beenbag ‘n’ Moosey ‘n’ th’ new li’l krismus mousey too. grok grok. Wee see all kinds o’ stuff frum heer. Grok grok. ‘n’ we cud see th’ ol’ garbidge truk, clankity clankity clankin’ along th’ street. ‘n’ it got t’ ol’ Hans’s house jus’ as Ol’ Garbidge Woman wuz heddin’ out thare. grok grok. ‘n’ she jest bearly manidged t’ git th’ trash int’ th’ cart beefor th’ ol’ truck got thare. grok grok. Too bad that ol’ mekanikle arm didn’ manidge t’ pick up ol’ Garbidge Woman. Grok grok grok. Then maybee we’da had a li’l peese aroun’ here. grok grok. Check out th’ pitchers I took w’ my noo camra ‘n’ y’ c’n click ’em t’ make ’em bigger too. grok grok


7 Responses to “Grok grok! I wanna go t’ th’ grokkery store too! grok grok”

  1. GG Says:

    Oh %&(&(*&! How can I explain this post to the folks at work?

  2. Webmomster Says:

    GG, don’t even bother to try to explain this post. You’ll just make it worse….

    I’m trying to figger out how froggy went from wanting to go to the grokkery store to talking about garbidge day???

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I dunno. I keep telling Froggy that he needs to get his own blahg (frahgblahg) but he insists on using mine. What can I do?

  4. Webmomster Says:

    a disturbing thought… Froggy doesn’t think of the garbidge can (or TRUCK?!?!?) AS the grokkery store, does he???

  5. froooggy Says:

    Grok grok. I git my best food off th’ ol’ garbidge truk. grok grok. ‘cept fer th’ flees ‘n’ flys i find out in th’ bak yard. grok grok. but i like ta go t’ th’ ol’ grokkery store too. grok grok. Ol’ Baggy hardly *ever* takes me thare. grok grok sniff-grok.

    Hey, howz my ol’ buddy Alfrid th’ Grate! grok grok woof-grok! Red Mouse sezta say squeek-hello! grok grok woof-grok!

  6. Webmomster Says:

    Alfred the Ingrate?? Oh, he’s Just Peachy… or maybe I should say “Pee-chy”. What else can I expect from a Pee Brain with a bladder the size of a Pea who gets left in the house with noone to let him (or his mentor, Ernie) *out* for 9 or 10 hours…… *sigh*

    But, they are fun to come home to! The most enthusiastic greeters I could possibly ask for!! 😆

  7. mouse Says:

    i’ve stopped worrying about the weirdness of the blog, in light of the slightly horrifying reality of seeing my mouse in that bag.