Why is the smoke rain alarm chirping? I’ll tellya why the smoke rain alarm is chirping!

Yes, it was one of “those” days. Why do you ask?

I met MMCB this morning at Barry Bagels and it was the first time we’ve met in a few weeks because either I was outta town or she was outta town, yada yada, and the first thing she said to me was, “You look flustered!” And I was. And I was all, “yeah, the traffic was AWFUL today and I didn’t get my usual parking place at Barry’s because there were no blasted parking places.” And yes. The traffic was worse than usual. I got stuck behind somebody trying to turn left outta the Landfill neighborhood and by the time they finally turned, I pretty much had their political stance pegged by the bumper stickers and magnets and no, that stance did not match the typical Planet Ann Arbor stereotype. Then the BUS stopped on N. Maple. Is it stopping for just a minute or is it stopping for 10? I didn’t know, so I flipped lanes. A couple times. I don’t like when other drivers do that. I HATE when *I* do that!!! Then I got to Barry’s and there were all these blasted vee-hickles in the area where I usually park. I tried to pick a place where I could pull through, which usually isn’t a problem there at that time of the morning. But there was a woman trying to open up the drivers’ side back seat door on her SUV, so I couldn’t do it. I was disgruntled but she looked a little nervous, so I waved her “go-ahead, I’ll wait” but then I *immediately* got tired of waiting so I backed up and swung around and pulled through a space in the next (empty) row. I felt embarrassed then, when I realized she had been reaching into the back seat to get her beautiful little toddler-aged daughter. They were then behind me in line at Barry’s and the mom very sweetly asked the beautiful baby girl, “Do you want strawberry cream cheese today?” I felt like melting into the floor. Patience, KW!!!

But really, what the heck? I had to drive just over a mile to get from the Landfill to Barry’s and none of this stuff was really all that awful. Except that I just about broke my neck to get out of the house! Why? I dunno. I would have been maybe five minutes late at the most and MMCB and I have been meeting for coffee for more than 10 years and if one of us is a few minutes late, so what?

Oh yeah. And then I remembered the faaarrrr… We’re having breakfast-for-dinner tonight and I had some little potatoes and I thought I would boil them up this morning before work so I could fry them later without having them turn gray or whatever. I put them on to boil and I was going about my business and I was *in* the chitchen a couple feet away from the stove and I heard the water start boiling and I smelled something burning and I thought, “oh, there’s something burning in the burner pan”, and I continued to go about my business and then the smoke rain alarm went off and I thought something like, “that frackin’ thing”, (‘cept you know what I was really thinking) and then… I actually looked at what was going on over on the stove and there were FLAMES licking around the bottom of the pan! Oookaaayyy. Turned off the burner, got the crappy old fan going after about five tries and started thinking, “how do I put this faaarrrr out if it doesn’t burn itself out?” Water? On a lucky-shuckial faarrr? Except the burner is off, so is it still lucky-shuckial? Faaarrr extinguisher? I bet we have one around here somewhere but where? I do not know.

The faaarrrr did burn itself out and in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn’t worth writing home blahgging about (but that’s why this is a “blahg”, roight?), and eventually I managed to get the smoke rain alarm down off the wall. And it stopped screaming but then it started chirping…

That is all. Good night and kids carful lucky-shucky (and cars and everything else).

Moom aka KW

4 Responses to “Why is the smoke rain alarm chirping? I’ll tellya why the smoke rain alarm is chirping!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve had pans on fire that ended up in the yard and grease that ended up with baking soda all over it(what a fricking mess!)–our fire alarms are SO LOUD. It’s a system of about 10 of them in the house and they all go off. Chirping? New battery?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Oh yeah, baking soda! Thanks, Margaret, that’s what I was trying to think of! The chirping didn’t start until the dern alarm had been going for a while. I think I ran down the battery by letting it go. And we have a bunch of hard-wired alarms too. Yes, they all go off at once. Pain in the you know what!

  3. jane Says:

    and here I figured the alarm was chirping because last night the humidity was 98%!!

  4. Pooh Says:

    Remember the time in Water’s Edge when we tried to make popcorn, and the oil caught on fire? The baking soda was in the high cupboard over the stove, which didn’t seem like a real good idea when there was an actual fire. Pan was dashed out to sit in the snow on the balcony, as I recall.