Grrrrrroooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!! Er, rather, (Grrrrrroooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!) squared to the 6th

spazz.jpg1) WHERE DO KEYS BELONG? Honestly, if there are two keys to the blue vee-hickle in the basket and NO keys to the green vee-hickle in the basket and the green vee-hickle is BEHIND the blue vee-hickle, what am I supposed to do?

2) Dear Washtenaw County Jury Board! In your infinite wisdom, why can you not figure out that my daughter has been a citizen of the great state of California for OVER A YEAR NOW!!!! She is not eligible to serve on one of your blasted juries and she is not going to return to The Great Lake State for that particular purpose. What *WERE* you thinking?

3) I won’t even say anything about Sprint’s latest phone bill. That is all.

4) Mumps are not eggplant.

5) Don’t put that down. I just gave it to you.

6) Testosterone gets in the way.

One Response to “Grrrrrroooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!! Er, rather, (Grrrrrroooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!) squared to the 6th”

  1. Maquis Says:

    Vis a vis Sprint, we too have been shocked, shocked to find overages (Oh sir, here are your rebates).

    Way back in the ’80 I made a sales call on Sprint, in KC. We were trying to sell expensive computers to them.
    At the time we called them Mainframes.

    They need to upgrade the computers that they were using. Appearently they were sending out bills with no confidence that what they were charging accurately reflected their customers actual usage. At the time they had to rollover for any complaint. Now, they just give more push back.

    I plan on dumping them ASAP!

    PS — Go easy on Bill