I agree with Jay. “aWKWard” is an interesting word. I mean the way it is spelled. I am always catching myself when I write “aWKWard”. I peer at it and think, “Did I spell that right? It looks bizarre.” Note: I was inspired by Jay to mix case like that. Because I think “aWKWard” is a great word for me! I *am* a W(ild) K(ayak) W(oman), roight? Yeah. In my dreams. When people meet me in real life, I think I am a lot more awkward (all lower case) than they may expect me to be if they read my blahg. I mean, not that my blahg is all that exciting. It’s just that writing about your life on the internet <> social butterfly. Yes! In real life, I am aWKWard! I am not exactly shy but I have so many words in my head that I can’t always pull out the correct ones in any given circumstance so I am always blurting out incomprehensible replies and proclamations and what have you. Not to mention that I move FAST! If you are an LOL (Little Old Lady) and you are in the grokkery store or somewhere, WATCH OUT for me and my cart! I don’t MEAN to run people over. In fact, whenever I almost run over someone (any age), I am extremely apologetic! But I just kind of galumph around. Even when I’m not in a hurry, I exude hurriedness. If you *are* an LOL, you should carry a cudgel (did I spell that right?), like The Commander does. As you can see in the photoooo. She uses that cudgel for many purposes. To walk down to the moominbeach or into the grokkery store. To point out something on the top shelf at the grokkery store and ask, “What is that?” And I’m not sure why she’s wielding (spelling?) the cudgel at me here. What did I do? I don’t remember…

The Commander did not teach me how to spell. She did correct my grammar, oh boy oh boy oh. I don’t think she has ever quite realized that I *did* know proper grammar but that I needed to be able to lapse into the kid vernacular of my beautiful Yooperland neighborhood to get along with some of the tougher customers. I learned to keep the street language in the schoolyard or wherever. Horrible words like “ain’t”, don’tcha know. Spelling? Miss Cox, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Ala, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Ward and the collection of teachers I had in 6th grade “taught” me spelling. Actually, once I figured out the “code” for spelling/reading (phonics), I was on my own. Because I am good at spelling. It is a talent! That doesn’t make me a good writer, just makes me crazy anal retentive about spelling words correctly. I am good at a lot of code-type things. Musical notation, even the esoteric stuff — quarter-tones, anyone? And computer programming languages, yada yada.

There are a lot of things I am *not* good at. Social interactions? I try… So. Can you spell? What words bother you or just look wrong to you even thought though you’ve spelled them right? Did you feel like you had to speak a street vernacular to get along when you were a kid? If so, where did you live?

Love y’all and answer only if you want :-),

4 Responses to “aWKWard”

  1. pooh Says:

    Well, “weird” looks weird, but “choir” just cannot be learned phonetically, at least not in English!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Weird *is* weird because it violates the rule of “i before e, except after c”. Choir, I have never thought about… Quire?

  3. pooh Says:

    KWior? I think quire is a word already. From reading “The People of the Book”, a quire is a set of pages that are sewn together. Several quires are then bound together into the finished book. I’m a little fuzzy on this, cuz it’s the a.m. and I don’t have the time to get up and check.

  4. Margaret Says:

    Rhythm, psychiatry, pronunciation…I’m a good speller, but lots of consonants together throw me off. I’m quieter in real life than people expect I think, although I can be crazy and social. A lot depends on my mood!!