Rant ‘n’ kvetch ‘n’ all that kind o’ stuff

walmart.jpgLemme see. Seems like just the other day, I was ranting about the Washtenaw County Jury Board sending Elizilla a questionnaire and how stupid that was since she has been a California citizen for quite some time now and I think they even sent her a postcard once (er, that I put into another envelope and *forwarded* to her) to ascertain her current residency. Well, folks, today, two mail days later, she has received ANOTHER ONE! Do ya think their data base is stuck or something? Paper or plastic? Paper or plastic? Paper or plastic? Or do they just *really* need Elizilla in particular. I know better than that. I’ve sat through a couple of jury duty sessions. Probably 95% of the time, they make a bunch of people come downtown and sit there cooling their heels and they don’t use ANYONE! I understand why they do that. It’s to intimidate people into settling out of court. I’m sorry. My time is more valuable than that. And I don’t mean in terms of how much money I make. I was earning a big fat zero the last time I was called for jury duty. There’s just gotta be a better way. I mean, they could at *least* provide waaaarless internet or something. Bagels and juice are nice but. Anyway, I mailed the FIRST questionnaire out to Cali on Saturday. Do I really hafta mail THIS ONE TOO? I don’t have *time* to just go to the post office at random hours any more. Maybe I should just write, “not at this address” on it and send it back. That’s what I’d do if it weren’t my daughter. I do NOT have any faith whatsoever in the Washtenaw County Jury Board. Kee-reist. Yes, I hope somebody down there sees this. Somebody with a working BRAIN, that is. Er, I better shut up. I’ve been called twice in the last five years and my year off isn’t quite up yet (I don’t think) but I sure don’t want to have to do it again next year. Just rub my nose in it, willya?

On the up side of things, one of the benefits of having a full time job is that when John McCain calls, I am not home. You guys. I am not here during the day any more. I cannot answer the phone. The last thing I want to see when I come into the house in the evening is my voice mail light blinking. Anyone who KNOWS me has the number to my cellular telephone. But as much as I hate picking the blasted thing up to check the voice mail, it is SO gratifying that when John McCain leaves a message, I can just double-7 him out of town. Over and out.

[I’m still not ready to talk about the latest Sprint bill. Wanna make a guess?]

Yes, that is Walmart in the pic. Houghton Lake style. Swimmin’ pools, moooooovie stars.

8 Responses to “Rant ‘n’ kvetch ‘n’ all that kind o’ stuff”

  1. isa Says:

    i’ll call them tomorrow morning mom – i have the first one from you as of today. i bet i’ll hop databases now and have to serve in berkeley or something…

  2. kayak woman Says:


  3. jane Says:

    John McCain called me over the weekend to chat. well, it all one sided actually. and last night Mitt Romney called to chat as well. and I got an automated questionnaire last weekend – I think the Huckabee people were running it. it was too long – they’re not political experts for sure, but I was interested to see what they asked. The first question was “are you a strong supporter of George W. Bush?” I’m not sure if they were able to capture the volume and tone of my response exactly. Luckily this portion of the election cycle will be over for several months now. But I do not look forward to the fall. Last presidential election the never ending phone calls were awful!

    I did vote this morning before work – it was painful to check the Republican box, and I’m fairly certain that will never happen again! we’ll see how this all works out in Michigan….

  4. kayak woman Says:

    yeah, this so-called primary is totally absurd. I’m sorry, I didn’t vote and won’t be back in the vicinity of my polling place until after it closes. I did walk by there this AM but didn’t have the newly required picture ID on me. I know, I’m bad. What can I say?

  5. Webmomster Says:

    HAHAHA!! I, too, voted on the way to work (a commute that took 1.5 hours… 😛 ). I decided to be truly Radical, checked the “Democratic” box, then plopped into a chair and CAREFULLY filled in the oval next to “UNCOMMITTED”.

    Hey, so I’m not an activist, but I *do* have to stir the pot now & again… if you could call it that!!

  6. kayak woman Says:

    Webmomster, I think you are a great pot-stirrer (and definitely a great pot-washer, not to mention finder of leftover crud on dishes I’ve mis-processed) but on the way home from class tonight, I thought I heard that the “uncommitted” Dem voters were 32%. So maybe not this time. Good try though. 🙂

  7. Valdemort Says:

    Since the Michigan Primary isn’t even being considered, I couldn’t even see the point of voting.

    Not to mention I literally went without a break until about 10:00 pm today . . .

    Back to paper writing.

  8. kayak woman Says:

    yeah, me too on the 10 PM thing.