Drive carefully so you don’t get in an accident, since you are in a hurry.

So said the nice young Whole Foods cashier after I hurriedly paid for my grokkeries and rushed out the door.

Oh dear. I WAS in a hurry. I am often in a hurry and even when I am NOT in a hurry, I exude an aura of “I am in a hurry”. I move fast. Sometimes too fast. I think fast. Sometimes too fast. On a good day, I would like to think that I exude an aura of being in a cheerful sort of hurry where I bustle around and don’t look like I am going to run over people with my shopping cart. Alas, today I was just a wee bit beyond the cheerful sort of hurriedness verging over into the impatient, foot-tapping sort of hurriedness. I had managed to escape work just a wee bit early in order to run a few errands on the way home, where I would finish packing for yet another trip up to the Great Not-so-white North. By definition, I hate leaving for these trips after work. And stopping at the Whole Foods that’s on my way home from work is like running a gauntlet even on a good day. Today, the traffic everywhere on the Planet Ann Arbor was just horrendous! It was move-in day at the U but I live way out on the west side and travel around the city to the south side every day so I dunno why the traffic was so terrible on my little route today. But it was. I kept thinking, “Oh yeah, there’s a feetsball game tomorrow in the big house.” But there isn’t. Because (duh) it is Wednesday. So go figger.

And so. I stopped for a nano-second. I knew I’d been found out. My young cashier must’ve seen me switch checkout lanes from the one where I was behind the fussy Planet Ann Arbor-type woman yada-yada-ing about the carbon footprint behind the exotic produce in her cart or whatever. He really was a nice kid, my cashier. He even liked my necklace (I like it too: Tweak, rockstar line*). I said, “Y’know, even when I’m not in a hurry, I exude hurriedness but, today, I *am* in a hurry. Guilty as charged.” And I galumphed out the door back into the fray of traffic.

P.S. That guy was prescient about the driving. I did NOT get into an accident. But I drove for MILES in one of those huge deluges where you can barely see the taillights of the vee-hickle in front of you and once I had to downshift into 5th gear because there was so much water on the I75 SUV Speedway that I could feel the Ninja start to hydroplane. Seems like all summer I have been watching the weather radar, just like Moosonee and Softy Beanbag are doing in that file photoooo. Today? Well, we did have the iPad but all that thing told us was that we were right in the middle of it all and would be for a while. No tornadoes today, thank you very much.

Boomerang Woman, from Houghton Lake

* Nobody from Tweak paid me to plug their jewelry (nobody will ever pay me to shill something on my website). I bought my necklace with my own hard-earned money. Also a pair of owly earrings for mouse (from the Hoot line).

3 Responses to “Drive carefully so you don’t get in an accident, since you are in a hurry.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I often act like I’m in a hurry too–even when I’m not. However, I had no clue about the benefits of downshifting in bad weather. I have an automatic SUV which I would put in AWD or 4WD. (and then totally stress out about getting in a wreck!)

  2. Mouse Says:

    Softy!! Mooseny!!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    It’s just a “creative” (or not) way to say that I slowed down. I did (mostly) use the engine to slow down, rather than slamming on the brakes 😉