Bailing out the boat — posted by popular demand ;-)

By The Beautiful Lizard (my sister-in-law, not Elizilla, although I’m sure she is also interested). It is, after all, a Courtois motorboat. I remember when The Gumper bought it. I think he was approaching “50 feet of boat” with this one. So the Courtois clan is interested in its well-being. You can’t really hear the GG over the surf but he’s saying that if he shovels the sand out of the back of the boat, he can pull the plug and the water will all drain out. And you will see it doing that. The boat is okay. We haven’t tried to run the motor that I know of. I hope it’s okay too… That’s all for toady today. Looooonnnnngggg, sloddddggggggyyyyy day on the road. Labor Day. Some of y’all would be proud of how caaaalllllmmmm yer favo-rite blahgger was driving throughout all of that. And heck, this is my *second* bunch o’ blather fer the day! Roight, Froggy?

Update: The Red Kayak was found by NPJane (in her my purple kayak), in waist deep water off of our northern correspondent Paulette’s beach! Ray, Jan, and Jane assisted Paulette with dredging it out of the sand in that waist-deep water. Wish I couldda been there to help. Or video… Love you guys so much. And miss you… KW! 🙂

5 Responses to “Bailing out the boat — posted by popular demand ;-)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your husband and mine have the same logical mind. I would be wringing my hands and crying, “It’s ruined!” HA HA At least, I’m good at self-mockery. 😉

  2. Tonya Says:

    All of this makes me feel very petty for whining about OUR windy weekend — nothing like what you guys all had to deal with! However, we had a wind storm last spring and we lost our buoy and one of our rowboat oars. They still haven’t been replaced.

  3. jane Says:

    we found the shovel yesterday while digging out the kayak (very helpful!) and I also found another chair between the first and second sandbars. between the old cabin and the big cabin. so we’re up to 3 chairs total. 😉

    I also discovered a huge timber from some old dock probably. it’s 30 – 40 ft long, 2 timbers held together with re-bar. out in front of Jan and Pete’s. I prefer to think that it’s from an old boat from the 1800’s, but perhaps Jan is correct that they wouldn’t have used re-bar. sigh. the timbers are around 6″ x 8″ – big solid wood. not sure if it moved at all or just got uncovered. cool though. and will investigate it more today if the wind stays down, or next summer.

    it’s a lovely beach morning, although rain and wind predicted for the afternoon. ;-(

  4. jane Says:

    also, you’ll note I was actually in your purple kayak since it was down on the bank. I assume you guys are coming back up since you left the purple and green kayaks on the bank? if not, call me and I’ll put them in the garage.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    We are indeed coming back! Thanks for the offer though 🙂