“I think it may be time to post that picture of (almost) all the cousins having lunch in the old cabin.”

feeding.jpgSo wrote Not Plain Jane of Bali fame in an email today and I think she’s right. The well has been pretty darn dry this week anyway. So here’s one for my youngest, cutest cuzzint. Actually, it could be that my MacMu cuzzint Doug is a tad younger, I’m not sure off-hand which month he was born in. He’s a great guy and good-looking but NP Jane is cuter.

We all look pretty awful here, except for those who are lucky enough to be behind someone or otherwise MIA. Or NP Jane, who is as cute as ever. On the left we start with Uber Kayak Woman, then yours truly (kee-ute, eh?), The Ol’ Boy with his mouth full, Jay with her mouth open, NP Jane as big as life (!!!), Pooh figuring out various mathematical algorithms, The Commander is totally blocking Suzie (spelling?) I think, then a bit of Sandy, and Mac (don’t take that picture?). I think The Grinch was prob’ly sitting on the end there, maybe he went to the outhouse. Jan is also missing but I’m sure she’s not at the outhouse. She was off living her adult life far away from the rest of us riff-raff.

That particular version of the Old Cabin kitchen is long gone now but not forgotten. This looks like a “community dinner,” and those happened when everybody was hanging out on the beach until the end of time and some of the Fin Family Moominbeach G2 gals (our mooms) had probably had a beer lunch. Beeeeer is goooood for you. Uh-oh, it’s getting to be dinner time. They would each figure out what was in their respective refrigimatators and throw together a feast. Well, except that we seem to be eating steak in that pic. That *might* have taken a bit more planning. Or maybe not? Possibly just a quick little ride up to the J&K Market (Aunt Jane’s, What a Pickle) on Six Mile. Who knows. And is UKW chomping down on some corn on the cob? I can’t quite tell. If so, it means that Grandberry (*my* grandad, not Grandroobly) probably stopped and bought a bushel straight off the farm somewhere.

Love y’all. Miss the good old days. Or most of them, anyway.

11 Responses to ““I think it may be time to post that picture of (almost) all the cousins having lunch in the old cabin.””

  1. pengie Says:

    there’s the modern version of this picture too… a picture of me at the cabin looking quite happy with a table spread of steak, fruit salad, and garlic bread. mmmm.

  2. Jay Says:

    I love it. Is the plate at the end for Grinch? Can you do some fancy picture stuff and find a reflection in the window of who is taking the picture? I love the way Sandy is holding her silverware just like Mom tried to teach me to, elbows in and bend at the wrist.

  3. pengie Says:

    Aunt Jane’s was actually a store??

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Yes, there was a little store up on Six Mile. It was in a little old garage or something similar. I *think* I remember there was a decent meat counter. I know they had candy and stuff. We used to ask if we could walk there. Now that I’m a grownup, I know why the answer was always NO! Walking along Six Mile? Sheesh! But it was a quick drive from the cabin, probably about two miles or so.

    Alas, I don’t think I have a high enough resolution version of the photo to see the reflection very well. It’s from a scan that the ol’ boy did at one point. I do think that was prob’ly Grinch’s plate at the end.

  5. Pooh Says:

    Thanks for a good trip down memory lane. Last year the G4 kids and friends at the old cabin wanted to toast marshmallows. The G2s were already asleep. I was having a hard time figuring out where the long forks were. Part of my problem was that my memory of where they were in the old kitchen, (hanging on the side of the vertical faux log panelling around the sink), was stronger than where they were in the new kitchen.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    You know, it had to be Don who took the photo. Because didn’t he *specialize* in uglies?

  7. joanny Says:

    After all these years, I don’t think my mom or dad ever took a photo of all the kids around the table at once. THAT would be something to see us in Woodsboro Dr. kitchen, all in chronological order.

  8. isa Says:

    …i missed out on so much, not being born yet.

  9. kayak woman Says:

    Your descendants will one day say the same thing when you tell them stories. That’s just life. I just wish we didn’t have development on the other end of the beach now… Sigh.

  10. Valdemort Says:

    They won’t if I can find BIFs near the beach and have it declared untouchable for sake of geologic study. >: )

  11. Pooh Says:

    BIFs? Not familiar with that term.

    I too feel horrible about the developments. I’m just hoping that we get lucky and the persons who build there do so with a delicate touch. After all, we have Paulette and Ray as “new” neighbors on the other end.