Joyful and triumphant. And beef stew.

I dragged the GG out at 0-skunk-30 and we drove down to Lake Erie Metropark to look for raptors hike. We really were interested in the raptor migration but we also knew that we probably weren’t into the prime season for that. Hawkfest is next weekend and we’ll miss that this year. Alas.

Anyway. We got off in true KW/GG fashion, arguing about where to get gas and which McD’s to get coffee at yada yada. This is before sunrise, mind you. We ended up getting gas at the Shell by the south entrance of Dee-troit Metro and then. As we were exiting. We were sitting at a red light. It was taking a looooonnnnngggg time. 747s were taking off overhead. Ever sit at the end of a runway when a 747 is taking off? Yeah, probably some of y’all have. I’d just as soon not 😉 Anyway. The light was redddddddddd. The GG waited for traffic to clear. And then. He made a left turn. That’s right. He RAN the light! I made the usual exasperated, annoyed freaked out noises and then I thought about it. My dad started doing stuff like that the last couple years before he died. Making up his own traffic rules. “There aren’t any cars within a mile in any direction and I’m not gonna sit here and wait for the light to change.” The old guy was still a wonderful driver in terms of skill and eyesight and reflexes and all that stuff. But… So, my husband is turning into my father? Hmmmm…..

I love Lake Erie Metropark. I love Lake Erie Metropark. I love Lake Erie Metropark. I love Lake Erie Metropark. I love Lake Erie Metropark. That is all. It is an urban park. Large grassy areas for pic-a-nic baskets and a wave pool et al. Cops. Bi-cycle cops with guns (friendly to us old bags and that was a holiday weekend). Border patrol cops sitting around watching folks like us walk or whatever. Nature is around the fringes. I don’t care. It is what it is. I love it anyway. Our walk today was 5.6 miles. In beautiful overcast weather. We could’ve added another 1.5 if we’d done the Marshlands Nature Trail. I left it up to the GG and he declined. And that was okay. The sun was just coming out and I didn’t want to break the spell.

Home. Dragged Mouse out to Jenny’s farm stand in Dexter. Three piglets, a HUGE horse. I stayed back a bit, even though he was behind a fence. No newborn goats yet. Too early.

Neighborhood ice cream truck includes “O Come, All Ye Faithful” in its musical rotation? Why? Maybe the driver has been hanging around behind the Plum Market? The heathen KW asks her lapsed-Catholic husband if he’s ever heard that xmas carol and he replies something like, “the Catholic church recognizes Jesus.” Don’tcha know. Here I thought we just sang it at Central United. At Christmas.

To end the day, I took a load of laundry down to the washer in the Landfill Dungeon. I saw one of my little knee-high stockings on the floor and I picked it up thinking I didn’t know if it was clean or dirty and I would just throw it in with the wash. (And yes, I do wear those knee-high things. They keep my Chacos from destroying my feet at work in the summer. Don’t ask or I will give you more information than you ever wanted to know.) I reached down to grab it and realized that it was attached to something. That something was a very small specimen of mus musculus (the scurry type, not the puffalump type) and it didn’t seem to be moving very fast. I enlisted the GG’s help to mitigate this situation and he carefully relocated mus to the compost heap at the back of the yard. I hope that all that’s wrong with that little mus is hunger. That may not be true but, if it is, our compost heap will provide plenty of food.

So, it was a less than slodgy Sunday for once and we are gonna grill some salmon and saute a bunch of veggies and our own Mus Musculus is out at the first rehearsal for her newest play and I know she is happy about that but I can’t say any more, mostly because I can’t even remember what play it is or what role she has.

2 Responses to “Joyful and triumphant. And beef stew.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Is McD’s coffee good? I’ve wanted to try their espresso because I’m sure it’s cheaper than Starbucks. Ack–your mouse and my possum. Eek! I would have screamed! I can’t wear the knee highs because of my varicose vein problems. LOVE SALMON!! (I always order it when I go out because my husband doesn’t like it, so I don’t cook it)

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Could that Ice cream truck be playng a different tune?
    Oh come, All Ye Faithful, Deadheads to the concert, Oh come Grateful Deadheads and camp in the street. Bring rolling papers, don’t forget your sleeping bags. Oh come get us some floor seats, We’ve followed them for four weeks, Oh come get us some floor seats to see ee the lord.