“Didja get out of your driveway okay today?”

snowday.jpgThe main topic of conversation at work this morning involved the snowfall we got overnight. Of course. And yes, I did get out of my driveway just fine, thankye veddy much, but the drive to work was a bit interesting. There wasn’t really *that* much snow. It was definitely Honda-able, in fact, it was perfect snow conditions for the dirty old green Honda Accord. It loves snow. Up to a point. 6-8 inches like we had this morning is great. 12 is a bit much. But the GG had droven the green vee-hickle this morning and the cute little blue Honda Civic with the yellow flower stuck in the blower was what was in the driveway. It is a bit more skittery on snow. It would’ve been okay. But the predictions this morning were calling for something like seven more inches of snow and it sure seemed as if we might get to that, the way the sky was dumping on us. Not civic-able.

But wait! The Indefatigable was in the street! I decided I would be a Cool Yooper Woman and drive the dern almost-16-year-old jeep to work. Roight. First order of business: get gasoline. I wasn’t exactly sure how much was in the tank. The gas gauge hasn’t worked in a couple of years. It registers about 3/4ths of a tank full. Don’t believe it! I was too lazy to look in the book and do the calculations. Heck, after taking my morning walk and then shoveling, my feet et al were freezing. I just wanted to get the heater going!

I took the “back” roads to work. Not really very “back” any more with all the development around here. I had the jeep in 4-wheel drive. I dunno why but I did not feel like I was in 4-wheel drive. I know I was. But the steering wheel has a *lot* of “play” in it these days. I even noticed that once while driving on dry pavement. On snow-covered, slippery roads, I just wasn’t sure where the heck I was going to end up. So, although I wasn’t driving at a turtle’s pace, I wasn’t exactly out there cavalierly cruising along like all of the other jeeps and trucks and 4-wheel drive vee-hickles.

And then. I started to smell a burning smell. Like rubber burning. I was about 2/3rds of the way to work by then. At first I thought it was some sort of ambient condition from outside. After all, there are holes all over the jeep and the passenger side window only rolls up to about three inches from the top. It got worse. And worse. I rolled down the driver’s side window so I wouldn’t die of asphyxiation. That’s a trick given that the window roller-upper-downer knob always falls off. The vee-hickle seemed to be driving okay. None of those dad-ratted dashboard lights were on. The temperature gauge was on cool. But heck, the gas gauge hasn’t worked in gears, why should I have any faith in the temperature gauge?

I made it to work. We didn’t get anywhere near the predicted snow here. I think they got it out in Seattle and maybe some other places. Here, the weather warmed up and petered out. As it so often does. The GG met me at the Marc’s Midtown parking lot at the end of the day and we switched vee-hickles and I followed The Indefatigable home on the freeway in the nice, newly-serviced dirty old green Honda Accord. Platinum plugs anyone? The jeep did not make the burning rubber smell this afternoon, either for me or the GG. I don’t know what the heck was going on this morning. I do know that the left tail light is out. Not the brake light, just the tail light. You may wanta look into that. But that certainly wouldn’t cause a burning rubber smell.

4 Responses to ““Didja get out of your driveway okay today?””

  1. Webmomster Says:

    did GG have it in 4WD for the drive home? If not, then the conditions were not duplicated…. could be the transfer case if related to being in 4WD

  2. Sam Says:

    Hey, I’m sure you remember my crazy old white Ford van—that had at least a quarter turn of play in the wheel! Great fun on slick roads!

  3. Webmomster Says:

    The En-gah-neer isn’t channelling any new ideas about your burning-rubber odor….

  4. mouse Says:

    burning rubber…burning rubber…gosh that sounds awfully fami-WAIT!!
    you wouldn’t be referring to the same burnt rubber smell that I’ve been talking about for the past three years, would you?? because that would just be way too ironic. nah, it couldn’t be the SAME SMELL that no one believes exists, and that seems to happen most frequently when it’s humid/rainy…