It’s Saturday night. Why are you here?

Actually, once upon a time, at a job I had many years ago, a woman who is now dead came to work in the evening instead of the morning. Prescription drugs gone awry. You have to pee in a cup to prove you’re not a pot smoker but anything you can get out of bigPharma is A-OK. But this is not a rant about drugs and drug testing. It’s just what we’all were greeted with this morning. We’all knew dern well that it was Tuesday morning, not Saturday night but, although it was a very productive day, the day-of-week confusion that I woke up with all on my own this morning only worsened throughout the day.

What day is this, anyway? Is it the equinox? First day of fall? Maybe. It is pretty hot here on the Planet Ann Arbor today, around 80 under a beautiful overcast sky at around 6:30 PM EDT. It still feels like summer. It is too early for summer to end. I had a pretty good summer. I just wish I could’ve spent more than little bits and pieces of time in the Yooperland. And I’m wishing I could head out to Cali. Last fall we (me, the GG, and Mouse) flew out to SF for a long weekend with Elizilla. It was my second visit to Cali. Yes, I am that lame. (Only been to Flor-i-duh twice too. Lame. Lame.) I flew out to Cali solooooo when she first moved out there and slept on the couch in her shabby but loverly little Berkeley apartment, complete with ants and slugs and the whole works. We walked/drove/rode BART all over and ate avocado sandwiches and I felt right at home in that apartment and in Berkeley. Some guy at the Berkeley Bowl even mistook me for an employee! Naw, I’m just a baggy old Ann Arbor hippie. Er, not exactly.

That was spring 2007. After that, I was swept up into a strange and totally unexpected vortex of the college internship that led me back into a full-tilt-boogie career in the IT industry, and I didn’t get out to Cali again until last fall, 2009. By that time Elizilla had long abandoned the loverly/shabby Berkeley place and was sharing a rather fancier apartment in the city’s Mission District. It was Fleet Week. We didn’t know it was Fleet Week (or at least I didn’t) until the Blue Angels started buzzing the city and I was apprehensive about maybe having to tour the Hornet, the aircraft carrier that The Gumper (my late f-i-l) served on in WWII. I have nothing against boat/sub/airplane tours in general. Just that, being Grandroobly’s daughter, I spent my childhood touring boats/subs/airplanes. Been there, done that. We didn’t end up touring the Hornet, love you Grandpa Garth. We walked all over the place. And that’s all I wanted to do. We stayed at Marty’s, an over-the-top Victorian hotel/B&B two blocks away from Elizilla. I could see her apartment from Marty’s roof.

I wish I/we could fly out there for another trip this fall. Alas, there’s just too much going on. I am thinking about taking a trip this spring. There is *even* talk about Elizilla and I meeting up in the PacNW instead of SanFran. Not sure what we’ll do… Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “It’s Saturday night. Why are you here?”

  1. Tonya Says:

    PacNW?? (My antennae are a’twitchin’!)

  2. Jay Says:

    PacNW?? You know you would have a place to stay!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Did you really say the PacNW??!! That would be beyond cool. I’m pretty heavily traveled(thank you club gymnastics) but will be spending most of my flying time between here and NYC for a few years. I’ve felt like it was Wednesday all day. This is a busy week (Back to School night, lots of quizzing) so I just want to get it OVER WITH.

  4. jane Says:

    when I woke up yesterday I couldn’t figure out what day it was. the garbage truck was emptying the dumpster before 6:00 and that threw me – is it Monday? is it Friday? why is the dumpster being emptied on Saturday? sigh – it’s Tuesday. it’s ALWAYS Tuesday when they empty the dumpster!!! I guess I must have been mid dream or something.