I work with woolly mammoths

This is my first panoramic photoooo ever and it is where I work and I took it with an iPhone photo app. Click and click again to get the full-sized photo (which actually isn’t full-sized ’cause I downsized it quite a bit for the web). It’s called Pano and I learned about it from AgateGal and, and, and. And yes, I need some practice! It was bright out there and I couldn’t see the screen very well and I MOOOOOVED halfway through. I bet you can figure out where I did that!

I’ve been kind of experimenting all summer, using my iPhone exclusively as my only camera. I have a trusty old Canon Powershot but I am just sick and tired of hauling a whole bunch of electronical crap around, so I am on a diet of sorts. I’m traveling with my phone, laptop, power cables for each and that’s it. Except that, in the interest of full disclosure, I do sometimes use the GG’s iPad.

I came late to photography in general. I mean, I think I got my first camera when I was maybe 10 but I never did all that well with film cameras. Too much hassle and too expensive to buy and develop film, especially since I’m not really the best photographer. And there was waaaaayyy too much commitment involved for meeee to learn with one of those things. I couldn’t afford it and I was focused on other things. Then there was digital and my life changed. Our first digital camera, an old Sony Mavica, actually stored images on floppy disks. Remember those? It was big and bulky and I was forever charging it (or running out of charge) but I was hooked! And here it is 12 years later and I have a camera in my pocket literally all the time. And I probably have about 12 photo apps on it. I can’t even remember what they all do! The Pano app stitches individual photos together to get a panoramic view and that’s the woolly mammoth there to the left of the cute little glitchie.

And there’s no point to all of this other than something along the lines of girlz having fun. Summer is over and my little experiment didn’t yield any scientific results, not that I was aiming for anything like that. The iPhone is a decent enough camera for the average everyday boring blahgger. Like meeeee. It has its limitations but it has some advantages too. One of them being that I can whip it out in seconds. Another that I can muck around with my photooos without dragging them over onto my aging laptop and w-a-i-t-i-n-g f-o-r-e-v-e-r for Photoshop to load. Although I often do that anyway to adjust the lighting and downsize, etc., etc., etc………. Because I am meeeeeeee…..

It’s Thursday and that frequently means breakfast for dinner. Gotta get cracking. Love y’all. -KW

2 Responses to “I work with woolly mammoths”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I could have written this post! All of it — sick and tired of lugging electronic equipment around, couldn’t afford the cost and hassle of developing film (even though I did a fair amount of it and have shoe boxes full of random pictures), life changing when digital cameras came down in price — and now using my iPhone almost exclusively. It really is a decent camera, except when it’s dim/dark. I wish it had a flash. But other than that, it works very well, and I take LOTS of pictures with it because I always have it with me. I have a ton of photo apps, too, some that I use a lot more than others. I enjoy the Pano app, but I have noticed that when the sun is bright, it’s hard to see the screen to line up to the previous shot. It sure is fun to have wide-angled photos, though!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I agree–I would like to use my husband’s D-80 but it’s too big to haul around. I don’t have an iphone though, so I still take my little purse friendly digital. 🙂