It is a Work Weekend!

That’s what Grandpa Garth used to say *every* weekend, and I think he is probably watching us this weekend, so y’all had better be working. That goes for you li’l chickies too! You know who you are.

If you click here, you can see photooos of a boat/dock/hoist removal operation conducted by none other than the Gumper. This operation is from sometime in the 1990s. Photoooos and videos from today’s operation are here. The Uncliest Uncle directed today’s operation. Yer favo-rite blahgger was her usual klunky old self. The GG was trying to faaarrrr up that big blue motorized monstrosity and KW could not figger out what it was, even when he chased her with it! Muuuuch later, she finally figgered out that not only was it a snowblower, it was once Grandroobly’s heavy duty Yooperland snowblower. Duuuuuhhhhhh….

The Beautiful Gay (aka TMOTB/CMOH) mowed the lawn. I have never seen TBG using a lawnmower before but I guess she enjoys it. Prob’ly a lot like pushing a vacuum cleaner. 😉 Prob’ly why *I* do not enjoy lawn-mowing. When somebody invents a Rooooomba for the lawn, I’ll be the first in line. The Lord and Lady of Linden made a reconnaissance mission over to Woldemort et al (and picked up some little knit gloves at my request, thank you!) and our friend Mike tinkered around with boats and faaarrrrs and mowers and things. We all had a good time doing pretty much what we wanted to do and TBG and I cooked turkey dawgs over the faaaarrrrr in the middle of the afternoon. And now it is the late afternoon and we’re mobilizing for a late dinner and there’s a feetsball game on and the sky is beautiful. And blah-de-blah-de. We don’t have to close this cabin for the winter any more. Just pull all the stuff out of the lake before it freezes over.

I guess I am finished blathering today. It is a Work Weekend but I am not working particularly hard. So there.

3 Responses to “It is a Work Weekend!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t hear much about work in this post(yay!), but I like the descriptions of beautiful sky, cooking dogs over the fire and mowing. I mowed today too! A Roomba would never work on a LAWN; you have to make nice straight lines, KW!! 😉

  2. Jay Says:

    But there is a robot lawn mower

  3. pooh Says:

    Jay beat me to it, but I’ve seen a robot lawn mower in action at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was in an area where the grass was enclosed in a circular area bordered by more interesting flowering plants, and, I’m guessing, a hard-edged border for the mower to push off to change direction.