A squeaky blahgger

mouseblahg.jpgSqueak squeak! I don’t know if my owner really wants to come back from Senegal but if she doesn’t come back soon, I am gonna have to get Froggy and Smokie to fly me over there. And don’t tell Ol’ Baggy, woops, I mean Mouse’s Moom, because she will not let Froggy drive the flying machine because he keeps getting into the listerine and laundry detergent and stuff and getting drunk and passing out. And Ol’ Baggy, er Mouse’s Moom, is afraid he’ll drink and fly. And I don’t know if I want to ride with him on his flying machine when he’s drunk either. And I’ve been living in a plastic bag here! Squeeeeeeeek Squeeeeeeek! The Old Grumpy Growler is afraid I will disintegrate if I’m not in a plastic bag! Froggy and Ol’ Baggy (I mean Mouse’s Moom) think it’s okay but I don’t like it! Although I do get to wear Froggy’s babushka and a nice sarong from Bali. Grok grok! So THAT’S where my babushka went! grok grok. It’s okay, I gess th’ li’l squeek mousey c’n ware it. I love you Owner Mouse. Come home soon. Ol’ Baggy (I mean your moom) misses you too and so does Froog when he’s not sleeping it off in his londry baskit.

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  1. mouse Says:

    😀 😀 😀