Keep your children safe.

boilerplate.jpgFrom boilerplate ice with an icing of snow over it. I really don’t have the psychic energy for another rant of yesterday’s proportions but I feel one coming on. Sorry.

I was walking through the schoolyard early this morning and there were these yellow police-type tapes tying a bunch of trees together. They weren’t taping the school off. Nothing seemed to be wrong at the school and anyway, I was walking *between* the school and these yellow tape things, i.e., they seemed to be keeping me away from the school*yard*, not the building. I finally concluded that they were keeping the precious little kiddos at the school from walking across the schoolyard, which at the moment, is covered with a layer of the unevenly distributed boilerplate ice that covers just about everything around here. I’m sorry but I have got to wonder which helicopter parents are behind that!

You guys, it is *us* with our adult center of balance who have trouble with ice. When I was a kid, it was *fun* to play around with ice and snow. Slide this way and that! I can’t remember exactly what we did with unevenly distributed boilerplate ice but I’m sure we probably had a blast with it! Nobody ever taped it off from us. What is the deal here? Let your kids go and have fun.

And heck, I didn’t even begin to match yesterday’s rant. I’m taaaared and that’s okay. Whaddya all remember about being a winter kid in the great white north or wherever?

4 Responses to “Keep your children safe.”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I already commented on Grand Rapids and snow shovel attacks/accidents on Pengo Janetto’s sibling rivalry entry. {Still waiting for your rebuttal, Jay. 😉 }

    In A2 we used to “ice skate” across the low spot in the green space between 8th and 7th behind Slauson JH on our way to Bach Elementary. I think it was called Waterworks Park. It was not very developed when we went to Bach Elementary, but later they put in some playground equipment. Anyhow, water would collect in the low spot and freeze. We’d slide across it in our boots, and sometimes we’d fall, and Mom would wonder how we got holes in the knees of our tights, yet again.

    Anne, maybe you could go into Haisley and ask why the caution tape is up. Maybe it’s something more than just snow-covered ice.
    Youth wants to know!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, prob’ly dioxin or whatever that stuff is. 😈 It isn’t *that* big a deal and it was a lite blahggin’ day. I’m taking a wait and see approach. What I would *really* like to know from the school district is why “our” entrance to the grounds seems doomed forever to being a sea of mud punctuated by slanted boilerplate ice or foot-deep puddles, depending on the temperature.

  3. Webmomster Says:

    OK, I’ve not heard the term “boilerplate ice” before…. ‘splain, please?

  4. Jay Says:

    See, now I remeber skating at Almandinger (sp?) and also on the pond in the Eberwhite woods. I remember being careful to check the ice for thickness by looking for cracks so you could tell how deep it was. (I will have to go back to find your take on snow shovels)