I’m a dragon!

I’m a-draggin’. Draggin’ ass, that is (sorry about the bad word 🙂 ). I was this morning anyway. Not physically. I just didn’t wanna go to work. Why? 1) Yesterday I got to a stopping point on the prodject(s) (intentionally misspelled) that had been consuming me all week. 2) I knew it would take me a while to dredge up my other prodject, dust it off, and get back into the rhythm. 3) IT IS GORGEOUS OUT TODAY!!! INDIAN SUMMER? YES!!! Who the heck wanted to go to work!?! I wanted to go out in the county and hike or kayak or something!

I went to work anyway. I announced, “I’m a dragon!” That long-suffering cat-herding person thought that I said, “I’m a DRAG QUEEN” (!!!) Much hilarity ensued. I know. It doesn’t take much, does it? Anyway, I was slow to get started this morning but I eventually figgered out what the heck I had been working on a couple weeks ago and managed to get back into the rhythm. And then, of course, I could barely get myself to stop at the end of the day! Go figger. Day is done. It’s warm out with not a cloud in the sky and it’s supposed to stay that way until, I dunno, Sunday maybe? I am about to red-queen down to the Old Town Barrooooom to meet the GG (and anyone else who might show up) for cocktails and dinner. It will be nuts downtown because of the barbarian tradition of feetsball. Big Blue is gonna play Big Green tomorrow and it’s happening here on the Planet A-squared so everybody and his brother will be downtown tonight and beer will be flowing down the street and into the storm sewers.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend! Be careful (especially my kids, wherever the heck they are).

Dragon Woman

6 Responses to “I’m a dragon!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Me, I’d skip rooting for a team and root for the weekend—always! You go, DragonWoman!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Arg! We just got back from a post work, end of week, labor conference …….. Gonna go down where everybody and their brother will be in just a few. Swimming trunks anyone? Jump in, the evening should be fun ………..

  3. jane Says:

    I love Indian Summer days! yes, work was difficult, but did take a walk at lunch. then left promptly at 5:00 to pick up a friend at the airport. another lovely day today although I am at work for a while. and even got stuck in football traffic before 9:00!! for a 3:30 game! who knew the 3 lines converging to get onto the golf course to park would be so horrendous — before 9:00!?!? I shoudl have known better…

  4. kayak woman Says:

    I walked at lunch too (almost always do). How is the walking over by your work. I can’t think if there are nature trails around there or not. We have great walking and lots of wildlife. Lots of ducks and geese (of course) and herons and yesterday I surprised several turtles.

  5. jane Says:

    nature? you’re kidding. there’s a loop of road that I walk – Varsity/Phoenix Dr. although there is some wildlife since there’s a stream that runs thru the area and some wooded areas as well. saw my first AA coyote here.

  6. isa Says:

    Bike rides and brunches! That’s all.