Happy Raccoon Day

Not to keep going on this whole hair/clothing theme but I agree with agategal’s hairdresser that people identify with the hair color they had when they were children. I was a tow-head too and, like so many other tow-headed children, my hair darkened as I got older. But I still call myself a blonde. My children were also tow-heads and I used to get annoyed when people would ask me how they got their blonde hair. Uh, they got it from meeeeee!?! (And the GG, who also has light hair.) I would think, “My hair is still blonde. It’s just OLD blonde.” But people can be rude and some of them seem to have no boundaries about the questions they ask. I even remember once when some nincompoop thought I was Mouse’s grandmother. I did NOT look like a grandmother at 36 or whatever it was! I did not even have THAT much gray. And, I could’ve made an assumption based on HER appearance that she had had HER son [wonderful high school senior blah-de blah-de] when she was a teenager. But I didn’t. Or at least didn’t ask.

After the Sun-In experiment when I was 16, I never fussed around with hair-dye again. Well, except for that purple punk dye streak blotch a few years back. I’m not sure what I was thinking with that. It was okay for a non-profit theatre guild manager but it probably wouldn’t fly in the biz-caz world. I do manage to get away with a raggedy old pair of Chacos. Purple hair would probably be pushing it. [Note to self: you will need your black suede beaded flats this weekend. Don’t forget to get them out of that drawer in your cube.]

Anyway, I don’t have anything against hair dye. Once, when Monday Coffee was still downtown at Zola and there were more regulars than just MMCB and me, I kvetched about my hair and all of the gorgeous red-heads and brunettes at the table started absolutely cracking up, then ‘fessed up that they all dyed their hair regularly and that *their* hair probably had more gray than *mine* did. Flabbergasted? Yes! I had no idea! I’m [usually] a minimalist when it comes to fussing around with clothing and hair and makeup and stuff. Takes me about a minute to put on makeup (yes, I do wear it), drag a brush through my hair and stumble out the door! And so, I have made more or less made peace with my hair. And some of those beautiful friends of mine have since let their hair go gray too.

And about the clothes. No, I don’t have a special new outfit to wear to the wedding. It was not to be. I am taking a few different skirts and jackets and a bunch of scarves and some jewelry (good thing we’re not flying) and I will figger it out when I get there. But I did get this gorgeous biz-caz type outfit at Territory Ahead (Thank you for the link, Pooh)! This skirt and a black kind of cap-sleeved long knit vest. Which I wore today with a black silk/wool turtleneck sweater from Chico’s, a red & black silk scarf of Radical Betty’s, black tights, and my signature ratty old black Chacos. I am dying for a light-blue sweater dress from Territory Ahead but I would need to try that one on.

Okay, sorry, I promise I am not going to turn this into a fashion blahg. 🙂

3 Responses to “Happy Raccoon Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m one of the few who don’t want to go back; I was blond for 18 years of my life before my hair darkened and I like it darker better. I had it blond for a while, but it didn’t look like me! 😉 Both of my girls are dark haired, but Alison was white blond until she was 10 or so. Ah, well.

  2. pooh Says:

    Once, oh about 23 years and a skooch more, my boss put out a sheet where we had to list our height, weight and eye and hair color. Basic driver’s license stuff, for some security thing. The women were all in a tizzy about having to put down their weight on a pass-around sheet. I was pregnant, so my weight was increasing rapidly, so it just seemed nonsensical to me. When it came to hair color, though, the women all started laughing. One of the men had put down that his hair was brown. Maybe it was brown when he was a kid, or a young man, but at this point, all the rest of us saw was GRAY!

    So, it’s not just women.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I’m sure you are totally right that men have similar “issues” with hair color. I guess I just don’t talk to many men about that kind of thing. Or women either, for the most part.