webrise.jpgHanging out. That was pretty much what this weekend was all about. I knew I’d go stir crazy if were hanging out here on The Planet with people doing the taxes (yes, still) and all of that stuff. So, yes, we were at Houghton Lake and y’all already know that. I’m repeating myself and I don’t care. Instead of trying to ski today, we took advantage of the thick ice covering the lake and did an interesting hike. We walked across the north bay and then connected up with the scenic trails. Note to self: you need to get *serious* about buying new boots next year. These ones are shot! (Yes, I know I just said, “these ones.”) Traversing the bay made for interesting walking. Snowmobiles are good for something. They make easy tracks to walk in. But they tend to mainly circumnavigate along the perimeter. Out there in the middle, there is just a lot of ice. Or stuff that looks like snow but is actually as hard as a rock and slippery. I’m okay with ice that I can see. It’s the surprise ice that I get upset with. But I still have to watch each step. A tiring business. And then there’s the little business about getting vertigo in open spaces with big skies. I mean kee-reist. At the most we *might* have been a mile from shore. I doubt I’d make it in the Arctic. The second half of the hike was through the Scenic Trails, beautiful but uneventful. That was another hour and then we realized we had probably a third hour of hoofing it back to the cabin along the roads. Not a pleasant hike and we needed time to pack up, etc. So, The Beautiful Gay, whose favorite forms of exercise do not include hiking, came and picked us up. And she had cleaned the group home within an inch of its life and cooked us a wonderful brunch! Love you, sis-in-law! Home now. Work tomorrow. And then. Click here or on the pic for ice-hike pics.

2 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. Sam Says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your weekend pictures—bright sunshine on glistening snow. Put some of that lovely weather on hold for our visit later this month, please!

  2. isa Says:

    posted… a got a flower today and there is a picture of it!