Asheville or Nashville

Lemme see. We left at 6:00 AM today, dropping down south outta the Planet Ann Arbor. It was after, oh, I dunno, about 1 PM, after a wonderful little picnic lunch at the Tennessee welcome center and a leetle wee expotition into Jellico to find dramaqueen, and a nasty little 20 mph interchange ramp onto I640 that we saw that highway interchange sign. Mouse and I were both wishing we were camera-ready but we weren’t and the GG was sitting in the back plugged in to just about everything and therefore oblivious.

It took us 11 hours to get to this beeyootiful cabin just outside of Asheville. No, we did not go to Nashville. We are supposed to go to a wedding this weekend but I would really rather just sit on the porch here. And walk down to the creek in the back yard. Etc., etc. I am just kidding. I dunno what we’ll do tomorrow but we’ll be at the wedding with bells on.

It was one of the best drives we’ve ever taken down south on the I75 SUV Speedway and Dayton was the only place we encountered horrible traffic and that didn’t even slow us down. And I loved I40 through eastern Tennessee, and at one point, the GG suggested that we get off the road and go through the mountains and, hey, there was a road right there that would take us up near Clingman’s Dome! Well. I had seen that road too and I said, “Bill, I think that road goes straight up a mountain and I am not into bushwhacking at this point in the trip.” In the Ninja. No thank you. And so, we stayed on the freeway and here we are and I cannot believe what a beautiful place this is. And The Beautiful Becky and I spent quite some time out on the back deck and Mouse did a lot of the cooking and now Roy is here and I gotta go.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Tonya Says:

    Wow, can’t quite fathom just an 11-hour drive to the South! It just seems forever-and-gone from this neck-of-the-woods. I suppose that’s because it IS! What a lovely place! I’ve never been to the South. Just about everywhere else, but never there. (Hubs has, and he said it was waaaayy too easy to pick up the accent!)