Jet Ninja lag

Yes, I was Dragon Woman today. Even though we didn’t even switch time zones over the weekend. I got up on time but I had abandoned my walking routine over the weekend and a part of me felt really lazy about starting it all up again. I know better than that. I am much better off if I keep moving and I can’t even imagine a lifestyle of sitting around watching TV and eating at McDonald’s or wherever. It’s hard to establish an early morning walking routine just anywhere you happen to be staying. Our neighborhood this weekend was safe enough in terms of the demographic sector. But walking in the dark on the narrow, winding country roads seemed like insanity. It was okay. We did do some walking around the city and there was that one death march at Mt. Mitchell. And anyway, it was worthwhile to hang around with the folks at the cabin, including the daughter I hardly ever get to see. So I bagged it for the weekend.

Today I did my morning walk but I had to abandon my lunchtime walk. Why? Well. For one thing, we were under a tornado watch. Yes. In truth, it didn’t look very tornado-y out there to me and I would have walked anyway, except that it was raining cats and dogs. And even *that* would have been okay. Except that the wind was blowing hard enough that my umbrella would have turned inside out. So I bagged it. Blah.

The weather is not anywhere near as bad here as was threatened. The tornado watch was canceled a long time ago and about all we’ve got going now is a “high wind watch”. It is not very windy out so I guess we’re watching. In general it was a very blah day and obviously I don’t have much to say. I was in Asheville just long enough to get to the point where I’m missing it now. But here I am, slodging along on The Planet Ann Arbor in the messy old Landfill. Hope y’all had a more exciting or at least productive day than I did.

3 Responses to “Jet Ninja lag”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s icky here and not very motivating to get out and run, but I’m going to try. Been a blah day too.

  2. Sam Says:

    Does it mean anything that Bag and lag rhyme?

  3. Jay Says:

    Any words from the great north storm watch. Saw a headline that likened it to the Edmund FitzGerald storm