Duncan Street.

Wellington Park.

Maryfield Park.

Encounter the Bs and their loverly dog but manage to red-queen politely along without having to hear two hours of news about their wonderful son, yada yada yada.

Huron/Dexter/Jackson intersection.

Slauson Middle School.

Somewhere on Washington Street. Near Mulholland, I guess.

Drop Acid Not Bombz railroad bridge.

Aaaaannnnnnd, the Old Town barrrrooom!

There are two restaurants I will order hamburgers at.

One of them is Clyde’s Drive In.

The other is the Old Town barrrrooom.

Figger the four mile round trip down to the Old Town barrrroooom and back prob’ly burned about enough calories to equal a bite or two of that hamburger.

Water the woods in Maryfield Park on the way home.

Become a bit damp via the watering expotition.


Brucie’s Halloween costume today: big beer mug hat, pumpkin sweatshirt, and stuffed squirrel.

My Halloween costume today: black socks with silver spiderwebs and purple spiders.

People who follow games involving large men throwing balls around report that big beer mug hats are not now more prevalent than cheese hats among attendees of games played in the state of Wisconsin.

Not cold enough for a faaaarrr inside the landfill.

Perfect for a faaaarrrr outside in the back yard.

Too taarrrred for a faaaarrrrr.

GG asnore on the couch.

iPad safely home.

No need to rush down to the Old Town barrroooom in a panic at 11 PM looking for iPad.

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