waiting for ababsurdo, waiting for ababsurdo (in a sing-song voice)

africanvillage.jpgI know. I said I was gonna move. Hosts, that is. I can’t say I haven’t had time. I have. Last weekend. The truth is that I’m a little daunted by the process. I’ve done it before. But. Anyway, I got home from work this afternoon and faarrrrred up my white computer and went out to my site and all was fine. And then. I hit the admin button to go to the back country where I actually *write* my blahg and the whole thing just blew away. For an hour or so. They can email me about all the wonderful enhancements they’re making. Why can’t they email about service issues. My email was apparently still working through all of this. Anyway…

Obviously, I found the fabric. Actually, judging by the fact that it was sitting right out in plain sight, I think it might’ve been, um, returned. Love you anyway, Mouse. I think it’s beautiful. Obviously, this isn’t how most black American women dress nowadays and it might be degrading to many African-American women who have worked very hard to overcome a lot of hardships and difficulties. I still dunno. The fabric sort of almost reminds me of my female relatives and friends meeting up on Fin Family Moominbeach. We are all white and quite a few of us are blonde. We have our own style of clothing, in my case, mostly tattered. But we do what these women are apparently doing, talk and gossip about life and our work and bringing up our kids. I’ll quit on that now. I’m a computer type person. I’ll let the anthropologists comment if they so desire. I just dunno.

So there’s a lot of other stuff I could blahg about but I won’t. It was an interesting and fun week at work and we have some interesting things to do this weekend. I won’t say much about my work but I will probably blahg about the weekend.

Love y’all, KW.

3 Responses to “waiting for ababsurdo, waiting for ababsurdo (in a sing-song voice)”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Those women look like they are having a great time. I would love to join them and hear the conversation. I like the fabric Anne. You could frame it – it might look nice hanging on the wall.

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Hey! I wonder if they are singing “Waiting for ababsurdo! Waiting for ababsurdo!”

  3. Webmomster Says:

    I tried to get my Purehost email last night and the email server was *down*. Couldn’t “find” my or you webpages, either, for a while.

    Maybe this summer, we can work together to mooooooooove my site once you get yours moooooooooooved…